Analyze the risks of biological invasion: An agent based simulation model for introducing non-native oysters in Chesapeake Bay, USA

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Introducing non-native specie into the coastal and marine environment, both intentionally and accidentally, could have significant ecological and environmental consequences. Analyzing the possible consequences of nonnative species is vitally important in preventing invasive species, as well as challenging due to the complexity of the marine ecosystem and the interactions among the existing species. This paper presents a Spatial-Explicit Agent Based Simulation (SEABS) model and its application on risk analysis of a non-native oyster in Chesapeake Bay, USA. The result shows that the risks for the introduced species to become dominant species depend on its initial stocking location and level.

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Proceedings of International Forum on Shipping, Ports and Airports, IFSPA 2008 - Trade-Based Global Supply Chain and Transport Logistics Hubs: Trends and Future Development