Erbium doped fiber power amplifiers with pump reflecting mirrors in the 800 nm band

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Conference Proceeding

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The behavior of alumino-phosphate-silicate (APS) and fluorophosphate (FP) erbium doped fiber power amplifiers (EDFA) for the various pump wavelengths, in the small signal and large signal regime, with 800 nm band pumping has been well studied. It has already been shown that bi-directional pumping is more efficient especially at shorter wavelengths due to the presence of large excited state absorption (ESA). However bi-directional pumping requires more components which can increase the complexity and cost. In this paper we have compared, using a computer model, the performance of power EDFAs with a Bragg reflecting pump mirror etched at the output end of the fiber. For small pump power (Pp ≈ 10 mW) this configuration is better than bi-directional pumping, both in terms of large signal gain and noise figure (NF) for APS-EDFA and FP-EDFA. At large pump powers (Pp ≈ 200 mW) the output signal powers are comparable and the NF is better for the configuration with the reflecting mirror for APS-EDFA and better in the case of FP-EDFA.

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Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering