GaAlAs p-i-n junction waveguide modulators

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The electro-optical effect (Pockels Effect) induced in zincblende structures can be utilized to modify the phase and polarization characteristics of the transmitted light. The III-V group of semiconductors and their ternary and quaternary mixtures represent a particularly important group of zincblende structures because these also provide the most important semiconductor laser materials. The characteristics of different crystal orientations and their possible uses in optical communication systems are reviewed. Polarization modulators are practically interesting devices which can be fabricated from these materials in waveguide form. Possible applications for these - in addition to polarization control - are intensity modulation and optical isolation. Polarization characteristics are analyzed with the help of Jones matrices. An example of a simple polarization modulator is presented and experimental results discussed. A good agreement with theoretical predictions was attained. © 1983 SPIE.

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Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering