Dynamic tracking filters for decomposing nonstationary sinusoidal signals

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Conference Proceeding

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A procedure to decompose a signal consisting of nonstationary sinusoidal components based on the principles of Residual Signal Analysis [1, 2] is proposed. A tracking unit consisting of an all zero filter (AZF) in cascade with a dynamic tracking filter (DTF) is assigned to each component. While the adaptively varying zeros of the AZF suppresses all interfering neighbors, the DTF captures the slowly varying instantaneous frequency (IF) of the desired component. Our earlier methods improved upon Costas's estimator-predictor filter bank [2] by using a better interfering signal predictor. The alternative procedure described in this paper avoids the use of prediction and is not overly restricted by the number of components. We also show that by using two simple feedback loops (a loop-filter as in [2] is thus avoided) the tracking information is ensured to be in phase. Finally, the algorithms ability to decompose synthetic signals, speech signals into harmonic partials as well as tracking the formants present in voiced speech segments is illustrated.

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ICASSP, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing - Proceedings



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