Energy-storage-based low-frequency oscillation damping control using particle swarm optimization and heuristic dynamic programming

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Low-frequency oscillation is one of the main barriers limiting power transmission between two connected power systems. Although power system stabilizers (PSSs) have been proved to be effective in damping inner-area oscillation, inter-area oscillation still remains a critical challenge in today's power systems. Since the low-frequency oscillation between two connected power systems is active power oscillation, power modulation through energy storage devices (ESDs) can be an efficient and effective way to maintain such power system stability. In this paper, we investigate the integration of a new goal representation heuristic dynamic programming (GrHDP) algorithm to adaptively control ESD to damp inter-area oscillation. A particle swarm optimization (PSO)-based power oscillation damper (POD) has also been proposed for comparison. Various simulation studies with residue-based POD controller design, the proposed PSO optimized controller design, and the GrHDP-based controller design over a four-machine-two-area benchmark power system with energy storage device have been conducted. Simulation results have demonstrated the efficiency and effectiveness of the GrHDP-based approach for inter-area oscillation damping in a wide range of system operating conditions. © 2014 IEEE.

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IEEE Transactions on Power Systems