A cascading failure simulation model considering frequency dynamics and power flow distribution

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Cascading failure is the main cause of blackouts in recent years. Modeling and feature analysis of cascading failure are quite important to power system security. This paper proposed a novel cascading failure simulation model based on a platform on which frequency dynamics and power flow distribution can be calculated jointly. Compared with the ones usually used nowadays, i.e. OPA model and Manchester model, the proposed model can reflect in detail the frequency dynamics considering several kinds of frequency related protection schemes, such as overloading protection of branches, abnormal frequency protection of generators and under frequency load shedding. Case studies on the IEEE 39-bus system depict the complex cascading process. Impacts of frequency dynamics are also revealed. It's shown that the frequency induced load loss accounts for a large proportion of the total load loss. Hence it's of great significance to improve the performance of frequency regulation to cope with the challenges of cascading failure.

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2015 North American Power Symposium, NAPS 2015