Detection of false data injection attacks in smart grid under colored Gaussian noise

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Conference Proceeding

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In this paper, we consider the problems of state estimation and false data injection detection in smart grid when the measurements are corrupted by colored Gaussian noise. By modeling the noise with the autoregressive process, we estimate the state of the power transmission networks and develop a generalized likelihood ratio test (GLRT) detector for the detection of false data injection attacks. We show that the conventional approach with the assumption of Gaussian noise is a special case of the proposed method, and thus the new approach has more applicability. The proposed detector is also tested on an independent component analysis (ICA) based unobservable false data attack scheme that utilizes similar assumptions of sample observation. We evaluate the performance of the proposed state estimator and attack detector on the IEEE 30-bus power system with comparison to conventional Gaussian noise based detector. The superior performance of both observable and unobservable false data attacks demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed approach and indicates a wide application on the power signal processing.

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2016 IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security, CNS 2016