Data-Driven Tracking Control With Adaptive Dynamic Programming for a Class of Continuous-Time Nonlinear Systems

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A data-driven adaptive tracking control approach is proposed for a class of continuous-time nonlinear systems using a recent developed goal representation heuristic dynamic programming (GrHDP) architecture. The major focus of this paper is on designing a multivariable tracking scheme, including the filter-based action network (FAN) architecture, and the stability analysis in continuous-time fashion. In this design, the FAN is used to observe the system function, and then generates the corresponding control action together with the reference signals. The goal network will provide an internal reward signal adaptively based on the current system states and the control action. This internal reward signal is assigned as the input for the critic network, which approximates the cost function over time. We demonstrate its improved tracking performance in comparison with the existing heuristic dynamic programming (HDP) approach under the same parameter and environment settings. The simulation results of the multivariable tracking control on two examples have been presented to show that the proposed scheme can achieve better control in terms of learning speed and overall performance.

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IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics