Online energy flow control for residential microgrids with URGs: An event-driven approach

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Energy flow control (EFC) of residential microgrids (RMGs) equipped with renewable generations (RGs) is an essential component for the future smart grid that contributes to enhance renewable energy consumption and reduce cost. Different from most existing papers that devote to offline EFC to against the uncertainties caused by RGs and local load demand in RMGs, this paper focuses on online EFC framework for achieving optimal operations of a RMG. This framework is based on an event-driven approach that maximizes RGs utilization and maintains supply-demand balance considering the schedulable ability of active loads and the uncertainties of RMG. An event-driven EFC architecture for RMG is developed, and the events analysis are presented. Based on this architecture, the state machine is adopted to trigger the execution of the online EFC. Furthermore, an online algorithm is designed for communal energy server platform to determine scheduling plans for active loads. Finally, the performance analysis of the online algorithm is evaluated. Simulation results illustrate the basic characteristics and the advantages of the proposed approach.

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Proceedings IECON 2017 - 43rd Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society