Inter-connected power system frequency stability with wind penetration by using Fuzzy-GrHDP

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Conference Proceeding

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Increased deployment of wind generation, with the characteristics of randomness and intermittent, has adverse effects on inter-connected power system frequency stability. By considering wind power deviation, this paper improves the area control error (aCE) model to address the frequency fluctuation caused by wind disturbances. Specifically, new control variables are introduced into the aCE model, therefore to provide much more informative inputs for the automatic generation control (aGC) system. Based on this aCE model, two intelligent control methods are proposed and compared. The first method is fuzzy logic based PI controller, in which the parameters are updated according to the range of frequency offset. The other method is fuzzy logic based goal representation heuristic dynamic programming (Fuzzy-GrHDP), in which adaptive supplementary control signals are generated in an online manner. Simulation study is carried out on a two-area benchmark system with wind power penetration. The simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed methods for frequency oscillation damping under different system operating conditions.

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IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting