Cooperative Deterministic Learning-Based Formation Control for a Group of Nonlinear Uncertain Mechanical Systems

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This paper addresses the formation control problem for a group of mechanical systems with nonlinear uncertain dynamics under the virtual leader-following framework. New cooperative deterministic learning-based adaptive formation control algorithms are proposed. Specifically, the virtual leader dynamics is constructed as a linear system subject to unknown bounded inputs, so as to produce more diverse reference signals for formation tracking control. A cooperative discontinuous nonlinear estimation protocol is first proposed to estimate the leader's state information. Based on this, a cooperative deterministic learning formation control protocol is developed using artificial neural networks, such that formation tracking control and locally-accurate nonlinear identification with learning knowledge consensus can be achieved simultaneously. Finally, by utilizing the learned knowledge represented by constant neural networks, an experience-based distributed control protocol is further proposed to enable position-swappable formation control. Numerical simulations using a group of autonomous underwater vehicles have been conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness and usefulness of the proposed results.

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IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics