Dynamic event-triggered robust secondary frequency control for islanded AC microgrid

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The permeability of renewable energy sources rapidly increases in the microgrid for economic and environmental concerns. However, the uncertainty of renewable energy may lead to frequency fluctuation or even instability in the microgrid. This paper proposes a dynamic event-triggered robust secondary frequency control scheme for the islanded microgrid to handle the uncertainty of the renewable energy source. In addition to the enhancement of frequency stability, the communication burden is also considered in this work. The proposed dynamic event-triggered communication scheme provides a good balance between dynamic performance and communication burden. Based on the discontinuous Lyapunov function, the stability analysis helps the optimal gain selecting. Given the designed controller, the derived theorems in this paper can help to examine whether the communication system fulfills the requirements from the controllers. To validate the proposed method, case studies are carried out based on two typical microgrids. The simulation results are compared with conventional frequency controllers. It shows that the proposed controller outperforms other types of controllers in term of the frequency response performance and communication burden.

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Applied Energy