Adaptive Critic Designs for Event-Triggered Robust Control of Nonlinear Systems with Unknown Dynamics

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This paper develops a novel event-triggered robust control strategy for continuous-time nonlinear systems with unknown dynamics. To begin with, the event-triggered robust nonlinear control problem is transformed into an event-triggered nonlinear optimal control problem by introducing an infinite-horizon integral cost for the nominal system. Then, a recurrent neural network (RNN) and adaptive critic designs (ACDs) are employed to solve the derived event-triggered nonlinear optimal control problem. The RNN is applied to reconstruct the system dynamics based on collected system data. After acquiring the knowledge of system dynamics, a unique critic network is proposed to obtain the approximate solution of the event-triggered Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation within the framework of ACDs. The critic network is updated by using simultaneously historical and instantaneous state data. An advantage of the present critic network update law is that it can relax the persistence of excitation condition. Meanwhile, under a newly developed event-triggering condition, the proposed critic network tuning rule not only guarantees the critic network weights to converge to optimums but also ensures nominal system states to be uniformly ultimately bounded. Moreover, by using Lyapunov method, it is proved that the derived optimal event-triggered control (ETC) guarantees uniform ultimate boundedness of all the signals in the original system. Finally, a nonlinear oscillator and an unstable power system are provided to validate the developed robust ETC scheme.

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IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics