An event-driven ADR approach for residential energy resources in microgrids with uncertainties

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In this paper, we present an event-driven automatic demand response (EADR) framework for online operation of residential microgrids (RMGs). Our framework involves comprehensive analysis of the schedulable ability (SA) for residential energy resources (RERs), and the uncertainties of both sides are also considered. Specifically, we first construct an EADR architecture to minimize the total operation cost and maintain supply-demand balance, and the event analyses are provided. Then, we define the concept of SA for RERs and also establish an SA evaluation system taking the real-time and historical information of the RERs into account. On these bases, SA-based interactions between RERs and EADR system and state machine are introduced to trigger the execution of the online EADR in a close-loop way. Furthermore, to implement this framework in practice, we functionally decompose the overall EADR architecture into event manager, EADR server, and a group of local controllers, and also design distributed online algorithms for each of them. The key idea of the designed algorithms is to operate the RMG simulating its real-life dynamics. Numerical simulations on a practical RMG verify the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

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IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics