Finite-Time Command-Filtered Composite Adaptive Neural Control of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems

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This article presents a new command-filtered composite adaptive neural control scheme for uncertain nonlinear systems. Compared with existing works, this approach focuses on achieving finite-time convergent composite adaptive control for the higher-order nonlinear system with unknown nonlinearities, parameter uncertainties, and external disturbances. First, radial basis function neural networks (NNs) are utilized to approximate the unknown functions of the considered uncertain nonlinear system. By constructing the prediction errors from the serial-parallel nonsmooth estimation models, the prediction errors and the tracking errors are fused to update the weights of the NNs. Afterward, the composite adaptive neural backstepping control scheme is proposed via nonsmooth command filter and adaptive disturbance estimation techniques. The proposed control scheme ensures that high-precision tracking performances and NN approximation performances can be achieved simultaneously. Meanwhile, it can avoid the singularity problem in the finite-time backstepping framework. Moreover, it is proved that all signals in the closed-loop control system can be convergent in finite time. Finally, simulation results are given to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed control scheme.

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IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics