Process dependency of mosfet depletion mode MOS capacitors in series compensation

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This paper discusses the realization of linear capacitors using two series connected MOS transistors in depletion mode. The efficiency of this approach is compared to poly-metal or poly-poly capacitors for several sub-micron processes. The linearity achievable with this technique is predicted for various sub-micron processes based on BSIM3 models in HSPICE. The simulations revealed a significant variation in capacitance (2% - 10%) over the usable voltage range. Incremental improvements in linearity are observed as the device geometries are scaled down. If the operation of a circuit depends on capacitor ratios only, the non-linearities of the individual capacitors can partially cancel out. Thus, despite relatively large changes in capacitance, the circuits can still achieve a high linearity. This point is illustrated by example of 2 frequently employed switched-capacitor circuits, a non-inverting integrator and a second-order bandpass/lowpass filter section.

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Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems