Secure and efficient data replay in distributed eHealthcare information system

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This paper presents a new distributed data storage architecture that facilitates secure and efficient data replay in eHelathcare information system. The new architecture uses secured iSCSI protocol and records the parity of every data change to the eHealthcare information system performed by authorized health care providers. The recording and transmission of encrypted parities are done in background without requirement of explicit involvement of users. Together with either backup data or real-time production data, one can easily replay Electronic Health Record (EHR) as it was at any point-in-time in the past using simple reverse parity computations. Because parities are substantially smaller than original data, the new system provides much higher online performance and fast encryption time. Experimental results on our prototype system have shown the clear advantages of the new system. © 2010 i-Society.

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2010 International Conference on Information Society, i-Society 2010