K-coverage reliability evaluation for wireless sensor networks

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Conference Proceeding

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Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) have been identified as one of the most important technologies for the 21st century and they are being used for a wide variety of applications such as national security, military surveillance, homeland security, environmental monitoring and health care. There are some important factors that affect the design of WSN. One of them is the coverage factor which is an important measure of the Quality of Service (QoS) of applications running on WSN. In this paper, we evaluate the reliability of WSN supporting K-coverage for a specific monitored area. The solution encompasses a method for finding K-coverage sets and traditional methods of Inclusion- Exclusion (I/E) and Sum of Disjoint Products (SDP) for evaluating the generated K-coverage sets to compute the Kcoverage reliability. Examples are given to illustrate the proposed solution method.

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Proceedings - 18th ISSAT International Conference on Reliability and Quality in Design

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