New time-frequency representations: Higher order warped Wigner distributions

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Conference Proceeding

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We propose a new higher order time-frequency representation (TFR), the higher order generalized warped Wigner distribution (HOG-WD), by warping the higher order Wigner distribution. The HOG-WD is important for analyzing signals with dispersive instantaneous frequency characteristics. In this paper, we (i) provide a HOG-WD formulation, (ii) give important special cases of the HOG-WD based on different warpings, (iii) discuss alternative HOG-WD formulations in terms of a 1-D generalized transform and in terms of a generalized higher order ambiguity function, (iv) discuss some desirable properties of the HOG-WD, and (v) define a higher order, generalized (alternating sign) frequency-shift covariant class of TFRs based upon smoothed versions of the HOG-WD.

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Conference Record of the Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers



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