Edge-Based Adaptive Distributed Method for Synchronization of Intermittently Coupled Spatiotemporal Networks

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In this paper, a type of intermittently coupled spatiotemporal networks (ICSNs) is proposed by means of partial differential equations, where the couplings among nodes are intermittent and the coupling weights are dependent of both time and space. By constructing piecewise auxiliary functions and developing a direct error method, several distributed intermittent adaptive protocols are designed to determine the space-time dependent weights of edges to realize synchronization of ICSNs. Particularly, based on spanning tree, an edge-based adaptive pinning scheme is proposed and it is demonstrated that the synchronization of ICSNs can be achieved by simply intermittently adjusting the weights of edges within a spanning tree. Lastly, the theoretical results are verified by means of some numerical examples.

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IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control