Design and computer analysis of bimodal heavy metal fluoride fibers in the 1.3 xm wavelength region

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We have studied the design of heavy metal fluoride fibers, having segmented-core refractive index profiles, and operating in a bimodal regime, with small modal dispersion, or good equalization, between the LP01and LP11modes in 1.3 µm wavelength region. In addition, we have incorporated the concept of effective cut-off, of the LP02mode, in order to maximize the operating V value. A practical bimodal equalized design example, which has negligible extrinsic losses, is provided in which the equalization between the modes is within ± 25 ps/km over a wavelength interval of 160 nm (˜ 1.2 pm to 1.36 µm). Hence the predicted bandwidth of the bimodal fiber is high, over a broad wavelength interval. © 1990 SPIE.

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Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering