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Aaron Director (1901–2004) is often cited as a principal in establishing the post-war Chicago School (Samuelson 1998), the founder of a dominant school of jurisprudence, law and economics (Bork 2004), and key ‘in reorienting antitrust policy along freemarket lines’ (Posner 2004). Through his extensive involvement in teaching and directing research at Chicago and Stanford, Director had a profound infl uence on later luminaries of the Chicago School such as Robert Bork, Lester Telser, Reuben Kessel, and Edward Levi. Although Director had a signifi cant infl uence, he remains an opaque historical figure, partly because he seldom published. Only one biographical account currently exists (Coase 1998). What follows attempts to paint a fuller portrait of Director incorporating heretofore-unacknowledged archival sources (see Van Horn 2007 for a more extensive treatment).

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The Elgar Companion to the Chicago School of Economics