Hayek's unacknowledged disciple: An exploration of the political and intellectual relationship of F. A. Hayek and Aaron director (1945-1950)

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None of the existing scholarly literature has explored or appreciated Director's great respect for Hayek or their relationship. This paper explores the relationship of Hayek and Director, and argues that Director should be viewed as a disciple of Hayek in the immediate post-war period. Newly available archival material in the Director Papers at the University of Chicago as well as material in the Hayek Papers allow for a deeper appreciation of their relationship than was previously possible. The archival record indicates that the central arc of their relationship occurred from 1945 to roughly 1950, when they heavily corresponded, and primarily focuses on this pivotal time period. Through exploring the relationship of Hayek and Director, this paper challenges the frequent claim that Hayek did not influence the post-war Chicago School, and argues that, starting in 1946, Hayek, even though he was not yet at Chicago, influenced the initial intellectual trajectory of the post-war Chicago School through his disciple Director. Copyright © The History of Economics Society 2013.

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Journal of the History of Economic Thought