Literacy coaching: The role of reflective thought in teacher decision making

Patricia Jane May, University of Rhode Island


Qualitative studies of classroom teachers involved in literacy coaching are crucial to provide direction for future literacy coaching practice and research. Using a grounded theory design, this study examined the experience of four elementary level classroom teachers and one coach as they engaged in a year-long literacy coaching program. Teachers were observed throughout the literacy coaching cycle including: pre and post conferences, demonstrations and teacher implementation of new instructional practices. Analysis of coach/teacher interactions highlighted the role of reflective thought in teacher learning, and positioned reflective thought as a foundational premise of teacher learning. In addition, as a result of the discovery process inherent in the grounded theory design, the study found that teachers' goal setting influenced movement along a gradual release of responsibility continuum of adult learning.

Subject Area

Teacher education|Literacy|Reading instruction

Recommended Citation

Patricia Jane May, "Literacy coaching: The role of reflective thought in teacher decision making" (2010). Dissertations and Master's Theses (Campus Access). Paper AAI3430333.