Consumer ubiquity or anytime anywhere consumption: Scale development and validation

Syagnik Banerjee, University of Rhode Island


The research objective of this dissertation is to develop and validate a scale measure of consumer ubiquity that indicates the individuals' propensity to shop online "anytime, anywhere" given a wireless, internet-based ubiquitous marketplace. Through a focus group, two surveys and a set of experiments we generate items, construct and validate a ten-item three-dimension scale and apply it for segmentation and targeting with different mobile advertising strategies. The scale demonstrates sufficient validity as a predictor of proactive mobile shopping behavior, but its applications in terms of segmentation and targeting for mobile advertising are more complex. Though the more ubiquitous consumers show greater openness towards mobile advertising, their responsiveness to the advertisements differ based on the type of advertising strategy used and the location where they receive the advertisement. ^

Subject Area

Psychology, Social|Psychology, Psychometrics|Education, Business

Recommended Citation

Syagnik Banerjee, "Consumer ubiquity or anytime anywhere consumption: Scale development and validation" (2008). Dissertations and Master's Theses (Campus Access). Paper AAI3314441.