The cross -generational influence of parental authority and acculturation on parenting of Cape Verdean immigrants

Silas Otniel Rodrigues Pinto, University of Rhode Island


To what extent do children's experiences with different parenting styles and cultural circumstances influence their ultimate parenting practices and attitudes? Across differing cultures, there is a mutual agreement that parents are the most influential means of transmitting values, principles and behaviors to their children. The nurturing, supportive style of parenting has been associated with positive outcomes in children. However, parenting styles and the degree of imposed parental authority may vary and can be influenced by cultural, social, and economic circumstances. In addition, parents of ethnically different backgrounds in the United States may have to modify their values and practices pending on their level of assimilation or acculturation into their own and the hosting society. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between the attitudes and parenting styles of Cape Verdean adults and the levels of authority demonstrated by their mothers and fathers during their childhood. In addition, the role of acculturation was examined as a possible influence on the adult's beliefs and parenting practices. Cross-generational differences were assessed. One hundred and nine Cape Verdean parents were asked to participate in this study. The study employed the following measures: Parental Authority Questionnaire, Adult-Adolescent Parenting Inventory—Corporal Punishment Subscale, Survey of Parental Discipline Methods, Ethnicity Scale , and a Demographic Survey. Results include descriptive statistics, inter-correlations, multiple regression analyses, and tests of within group differences. Implications for future research and multicultural parent education are discussed. Findings confirm the Cross-generational transmission of parental values. ^

Subject Area

Education, Educational Psychology|Sociology, Individual and Family Studies|Sociology, Ethnic and Racial Studies

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Silas Otniel Rodrigues Pinto, "The cross -generational influence of parental authority and acculturation on parenting of Cape Verdean immigrants" (2007). Dissertations and Master's Theses (Campus Access). Paper AAI3277005.