Antimicrobial peptide editable database

George Konstantinidis, University of Rhode Island


A combined DB and software tool that was used for years by research scientists as a resource for peptide analysis, was Peptide Companion and it was written for Windows 3.1, but it has been used ever since by all the active peptide research groups. One of the problems though with that software, and other similar tools developed to update or replace it, is that the steps the algorithms follow to calculate the results are difficult to verify, even if they are correct. This tool has been used because it was considered a more uniform and accepted way of peptide naming and usage. The main problem of this software is that the data files that it uses are linear text files which are not sorted and arranged in a specific manner in order to be traced easily. Nowadays there exist relational databases which can hold as much data possible, easily accessible through queries and easily exportable. One of the results of this research would be to create a newer version of the Peptide Companion Software with combined knowledge from the biggest databases around the world.

Subject Area

Bioinformatics|Computer science

Recommended Citation

George Konstantinidis, "Antimicrobial peptide editable database" (2015). Dissertations and Master's Theses (Campus Access). Paper AAI1586542.