An algorithm for adaptive profiling using an autonomous Lagrangian float

Connor F Tennant, University of Rhode Island


This thesis developed a real time algorithm that determines physical or biological features in the water column and updates the control system of a Lagrangian float for adaptive profiling. This allows the Lagrangian float to selectively operate in areas of interest, both biological and physical, to improve data collection. The algorithm is meant to determine the location of phytoplankton layers or patches and update the control system to allow the float to operate within them. This will help expand the knowledge of phytoplankton layer or patch formation, duration, and size. The algorithm was tested in both controlled and field environments. This adaptive algorithm adds to the potential of novel research techniques using Lagrangian systems in coastal waters.^

Subject Area

Engineering, Marine and Ocean

Recommended Citation

Connor F Tennant, "An algorithm for adaptive profiling using an autonomous Lagrangian float" (2011). Dissertations and Master's Theses (Campus Access). Paper AAI1500326.