A modular, visual simulator of underwater sensor networks

Thomas E Tamayo, University of Rhode Island


Wireless underwater sensor networks have many potential applications: disaster notification and recovery, waterway usage monitoring, and scientific applications. Truly underwater nodes have few communications options, of which acoustics is one option. Underwater acoustics communication networks have unique difficulties, notably that propagation speed is much lower than in radio sensor networks. The data throughput is also much lower with underwater acoustics at moderate distances (less than 1km). Examining underwater acoustic networks visually is useful to determine the cause of network failures. This thesis presents a network simulator geared to underwater acoustics, including an animated, visual component. A radio sensor network protocol from the literature is implemented and its failures in the underwater acoustic medium are examined.

Subject Area

Electrical engineering|Computer science|Acoustics

Recommended Citation

Thomas E Tamayo, "A modular, visual simulator of underwater sensor networks" (2011). Dissertations and Master's Theses (Campus Access). Paper AAI1496918.