A Carbohydrate Counting Intervention For Hispanics With Type 2 Diabetes

Flavia Cattaneo, University of Rhode Island


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to determine if a culturally tailored CHO counting intervention for low-income Hispanics with Type 2 Diabetes will increase their knowledge and skills related to CHO counting. Methods: This non-experimental, single group design assessed knowledge of CHO counting in adult Hispanics with T2DM with pre- and post-surveys. Recruitment and intervention delivery were in three community locations in the Providence RI area. The intervention consisted of 3-workshops, 1-hour each, conducted in Spanish. Each workshop included portion sizes guides, nutrition facts label reading, CHO amounts in commonly consumed foods and CHO counting activities. The sample was described using means and standard deviation for continuous normally distributed variables, and number and proportion for categorical variables. Paired t-tests assessed change in knowledge. Frequency analysis described the CHO counting skill score. It was hypothesized that knowledge would increase and the post skills assessment score will exceed 80% indicating the mastery of the carbohydrate counting skill activity. Data were analyzed using SPSS Version 23. A probability level of p<.05 was utilized. Results: Of the 42 participants that began the program, 33 finished the intervention. Average age was 62 years and 90% were female. Participants reported an average of 6.8 years since T2DM diagnosis. The average time living in the U.S. was 25 years and 52% were from Dominican Republic. Participants had a significant increase in knowledge from pre- to post- of 2.58 points (p<.01) and achieved 100% of the CHO counting skill score at post-assessment. The program was positively evaluated at post with an average score of 4.7 out of 5 for seven evaluation questions. Conclusion: The study found that low-income Hispanics with T2DM increased knowledge of CHO counting and demonstrated skills in CHO counting. This program provided an educational opportunity for low-income Hispanics with T2DM.

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Flavia Cattaneo, "A Carbohydrate Counting Intervention For Hispanics With Type 2 Diabetes" (2017). Dissertations and Master's Theses (Campus Access). Paper AAI10260697.