An Intelligent Fog Centric Network for IoT-Driven Smart Communities

Nicholas Constant, University of Rhode Island


Varieties of sensors and devices developed with the intention of increasing the understanding the environment in which it is deployed is becoming a trend that continuously floods cloud data centers at a rapid rate. This creates a need for the cloud to move closer to the user. Therefore, the paradigm of fog computing is increasingly identified as a useful tool to establish remote intelligence in the context to internet-of-things (IoT). In this paper, we discuss our recent development of a smart fog gateway and its role in orchestrating the process of data acquisition, conditioning, analysis, and storage. The paper also includes a performance evaluation of a couple fog testbed consisting of different embedded computing architectures including Intel Edison and Raspberry Pi to tackle sensor data. This will be followed by a use case within a manufacturing facility. The results demonstrate that the fog gateway provides a promise to transform the interactions among the general purpose sensing devices, smartphones, and the cloud.

Subject Area

Computer Engineering|Electrical engineering

Recommended Citation

Nicholas Constant, "An Intelligent Fog Centric Network for IoT-Driven Smart Communities" (2017). Dissertations and Master's Theses (Campus Access). Paper AAI10257520.