Dissertations and Master's Theses (Campus Access)

Dissertations from 2022

Ansong, Rachel A (2022) The Text(Tiles) of Adinkra Symbols: West African Art, Gender, & Poetic Translations

Basley, Sandra A (2022) The Experiences of Nurses as Double-Duty Caregivers for a Family Member at the End-Of-Life: Interpretive Description

Baumann, Nathan L (2022) Longitudinal Clustering of Health Behaviors Within the Framingham Heart Study

Baylor, Chiquita K (2022) I See You!: Centering the Lived Experiences of Collegiate Black Women Engaged in Activism

Bentil, Helena Joycelyn (2022) Dietary Magnesium Intake and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Ghanaian Women of Reproductive Age

Bouchard, Kelly Lynn (2022) Maternal Experiences of Discussing Complementary Feeding in Primary Care

Ceres, Emma (2022) Childhood Medical Trauma and Its Effect on Emerging Adult Mental Health Outcomes

Chaloux, Nicholas P (2022) Applying New Methods in Rapid Prototyping to Advance Low-Cost Deep-Sea Exploration

Cirella, Stephen M. (2022) Examining Eating Behavior, Body Image, and Social Identity amongst NCAA Student-Athletes

Davis, Mark J (2022) Learning to Visualize: Middle-Level Learners Analyzing and Designing Science Infographics

Ding, Meiwen (2022) Treprostinil, a Prostacyclin Analog, Protects Kidney from Renal Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury: Preclinical Studies in a Rat Model of Acute Kidney Injury

Dubnicka, Mara (2022) Investigation of the Structural and Optical Properties of Xanthene Dyes for Analyte Detection and Thin Film Sensor Development

Fenn, Natalie Quinn (2022) Do Good to Feel Good? Investigating Civic Engagement Among Non-College Young Adults

Ferreira, Dylan (2022) Population Monitoring of White-Tailed Deer in Rhode Island

Gamache, Kyle Normand (2022) The Bolstering Effects of Psychological Capital on Community College Students

Gilboa, Roy (2022) Design and System Identification of a Low-Cost USV for Coastal Observation

Goncharenko, Svetlana (2022) Longitudinal Investigation of Childhood Trauma and Emotion-Driven Impulsivity

Graham, Kendra (2022) Swimmers’ Biceps and Triceps Brachii Activation and Elbow Angle in Swimmers with and Without Shoulder Pain

Grassian, Benjamin (2022) Acoustic and Optical Imaging Techniques for Characterizing Animal Distributions in the Pelagic Ocean

Hong, Leo (2022) Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Management: Performance and Risk Management Perspective

Hrytsenko, Yana (2022) Clustering of Cancerous Genomes Using Efficient Distance Calculations

Jacobs, Derek (2022) Predicting Pain Presence in ICU Patients Using Physiological Signals

James, Ciara (2022) Cognitive Reappraisal Vs. Acceptance: A Comparison of Emotion Regulation Strategies to Reduce Anxiety

James, Eileen M (2022) Black Feminist Autoethnography: How Identity Can Affect Peer Review Practices in the College Writing Classroom

Kenney, Timothy (2022) Chronicling a Pandemic: Understanding the Experiences of Secondary School Teachers During the March 2020 Shutdown

Lee, Zachary A (2022) The Effects of Auditory Predation Risk Cues on Caterpillar Growth, Development, and Fitness

Lyons, Kaitlyn (2022) Examining the Effect of Muscle Asymmetry on Physical Function in Middle Aged Women

Maggi, Brian (2022) Development of Fragility Curves for Reinforced Dunes to Improve the Resiliency of Coastal Communities

Martins, Alexia (2022) Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN) and Real Word Reading Fluency: An Eye-Tracking Study

Mendillo, Nicholas (2022) The Alice Atom Compendium

Moore, Jesse (2022) Tracking Migratory Birds: Applying a Passive Tracking Technique Using Direction of Arrival from VHF Radio Tags

Muccio-Raposo, Maria (2022) Exploring the Experiences and Motivations of Women Who Lead and Engage in Change Work at Their Home Institution

Murray, Cameron (2022) Remote Sensing of Water Color to Assess Water Quality in a Changing Climate

Pepin, Kristen R (2022) An Interpretative Phenomenological Study of Undergraduate Student Wellness: Exploring Generation Z Student Wellness Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Rivera Morales, Omar X (2022) Parallelization of Vectorized Self-Organizing Maps in Hardware Accelerator Architectures

Rock, Michael (2022) The Quantification and Redesign of a Granular Jamming Gripper with Internal Printed Hydraulics

Rodrigo, Undugodage Nuwanthi Dilhari (2022) Investigation of Novel Low Temperature Electrolytes for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Rosario, Margaret Elizabeth (2022) Chemical Investigation of Metabolites Produced by Marine Pseudoalteromonas Spp.

Rossell, Valentina (2022) The Dynamic Response of a Thin Metallic Air-Backed Plate to a Nearfield Underwater Explosion

Schulz, Christina T (2022) Environmental Context and Expectancy of Alcohol Use on Changes in Reflection-Impulsivity and Craving

Shi, Pengcheng (2022) Seismic Behavior on Oceanic Transform Faults Revealed by Numerical Modeling and Seismic Observation

Sobus, Rebecca (2022) Under Guard: S Case Study of the S.S. Black Point and U-853 for the Production of More Comprehensive War Memorials and Public Exhibits

Spencer, Evelyn Anna (2022) Investigation into the Impact of Parasitic Apicomplexans on the Gut Microbiome of Marine Tunicate Ciona Intestinalis

Starkey, Christopher Michael (2022) Three Essays in Financial Economics: Crisis, Contagion, and Government Intervention

Sumathirathne, Lasanthi (2022) A Study of Structure-Property Relationships in Transition Metal Ion-PVDF Thin Films/Composites and Applications

Takyi, Evelyn (2022) Probiotics for Eastern Oyster Hatcheries: Commercial Formulations and Effect on Microbial Communities

Thomas, Kate (2022) Frequency of Food Cravings in Adults Consuming Animal or Plant Based Diets

Torrey, Kara (2022) Phytochemical Analysis and Biological Evaluation of Maple (Acer saccharum) Sap Water

Trickett, Justin (2022) Translation and Validation of Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cell Proteomic Targets in Liver and Lung Tumors

Via, Christopher William (2022) A Multi-Year Investigation of the Specialized Metabolite Composition of Trichodesmium Spp

Waltz, Nicholas (2022) An Evaluation of High School Athletes Acquisition of Nutritional Information a Survey Based Approach

White, Anthony J (2022) Mechanical Behavior of Plain Weave Nylon Reinforced Drop-Stitch Inflatable Panels

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Dissertations from 2021

Adhikari, Neeraj (2021) Graph Playground: A Pedagogic Tool for Graph Theory and Algorithms

Alshammari, Saad (2021) Essays on Empirical Asset Pricing in Saudi Arabia

Amani, Ali (2021) Data Dimensionality Reduction Through Cluster Trees and Manifold Learning

Amaral, Jennifer L (2021) Characterization of Impact Pile Driving Signals and Fin Whale Vocalizations at the Block Island Wind Farm Site

Amelotte, Wendy K (2021) Examining the Leadership and Literacy Practices in Effective Title 1 Schools: A Multiple Case Study of Schools that Foster Efficacy so All Can Learn

Awkerman, Nathaniel (2021) Vibrio Coralliilyticus RE22 Type VI Secretion Systems Contribute to Temperate Coral Lysis and Endosymbiont Death

Banaszak, Lennart (2021) Second-Life Solutions for End-of-Life Photovoltaic Modules

Baranowski, Alex (2021) Several Factors and Their Role in Control of Lepidoptera Populations

Bonney, Jacob (2021) Characterizing the Seasonal and Environmental Effects on High Frequency Acoustic Fish Tag Detection in Shallow Water Settings

Brown, Emma (2021) Transitioning Field Courses in Plant Identification to Remote Instruction: An Analysis

Brown, Nathan M (2021) Understanding the Public Perception of Selective Breeding Practices in Rhode Island Oyster Aquaculture

Cato, Adrian (2021) Reclaiming Black and Indigenous Ecologies on Block Island Through Oral History and Ethnography

Charbaji, Amer (2021) A New Paper-Based Microfluidic Device for Sensitive Detection of Nitrate in Seawater

Chen, Bing (2021) Interval-Censored Data with Inaccurate Time Bounds and Time-Dependent Covariates

Chieffalo, Anthony Conrad (2021) Gendered and Genrefied Bodies: Heroism as Production and Performance in Sword and Sorcery Fantasy

Chille, Erin Elizabeth (2021) Contribution of Maternal mRNA Provisioning to Embryonic Stress Response in a Reef-Building Coral

Chu, Tyler (2021) Effects of Long-Term Deep-Sea Immersion on the Implosion and Explosion of Hollow Composite Cylinders

Conetta, Dennis Andrew (2021) Phenotypic Plasticity in Acropora pulchra under Varied Environmental Conditions

Correia, Amy (2021) Working Towards Proficiency: Investigation of Reclassification and Growth Rates for High School English Learners in an Asset and Research-Based English Learner Development Course

Cox, Jackson (2021) Indigenizing Ecosystem Management in Rhode Island

Crowley, Patrick (2021) Revisiting Saylesville: A Deeper Exploration of the Saylesville Massacre of 1934

Dunbar, Eva-Molly Petitto (2021) Predictors of Paired, Singular, and No Action Among Middle School Students with Behavior Risks

Fellers, Justin C (2021) Algorithm Selection for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem Using Machine Learning Classifiers

Finnegan, Olivia (2021) Examining the Association Between Muscular Fatigue Index and Physical Function in Middle-Aged Women

Fox, Chelsea (2021) Dynamic Behavior of Additively Manufactured Metal Alloys

Fox, Katelyn (2021) Antecedents of Childhood Obesity Risk Factors, a Self Determination Theory Perspective

Gates, Dana M (2021) Pharmacist-Administered Pediatric Influenza Vaccination in the United States

Gaur, Vasundhara (2021) Non-Market Valuation of Utility-Scale Solar Arrays

Gonçalves Neto, Afonso (2021) North Atlantic on the Edge: Ocean Circulation Through Gateways at the Subpolar-Subtropical Boundary

Gray, Kyle E (2021) Cognitive and Perceptual Barriers to Green Infrastructure: Local Decision-Making in Rhode Island

Grill, Garrett (2021) The Dietary Intake of Male and Female Bodybuilders During Competition Preparation

Guan, Xintong (2021) Carrot or Stick: Nudging Consumers towards Healthier Choices through Customized Price Incentives

Gurr, Samuel J (2021) Stress Conditioning to Hypercapnic Seawater in the Pacific Geoduck Panopea Generosa

Hawthorne-Kocak, Catherine (2021) Investigating the Relationship Between Teacher Agency, Student Engagement, and Student Achievement

Heinichen, Margaret A (2021) Incorporating Temperature-Dependent Fish Bioenergetics into a Narragansett Bay Food Web Model

Henrikson, Kathryn (2021) Transcriptional Regulation of SOX5 and WWOX by FANCD2

Hirsch, Aaron C (2021) Seismological Investigation of the Ontong Java Plateau and Surrounding Pacific Upper Mantle

Inush Kalana, U.L.D (2021) Synthesis of Novel Polymer Materials via Organocatalytic Ring-Opening Polymerization (ROP) of Cyclic Lactones

Ismail Hosni, Sarah Mohamed (2021) Multimodal Integration of Motor Imagery-Based Signatures for Neural Response Classification

Iula, Shawna C (2021) Turning Points: A Case Study of Motivation in Foreign Language

Jafari Deligani, Roohollah (2021) Spectro-Temporal Based Quantification of Brain Functions in Neurological Disorders

Jahan, Khurshid (2021) Effectiveness of Roadside Best Management Practices (BMPs) On Maintaining Stormwater Quality through Monitoring and Modeling

Jakaria, Md Golam (2021) Development and Characterization of Nanomaterials to Overcome Pulmonary Epithelial Barriers

Jiang, He (2021) Graph Neural Network Based Learning for Dynamic Spectrum Access

Johnson, Kyle P (2021) Transient Analysis of the NuScale Power Helical-Coil Steam Generator Tube Rupture Using RELAP5-3D

Kalaidjian, Ellis Howard (2021) Institutionalizing Resilience: Insights from Assessment Initiatives at Seaports

Katz, Samuel D (2021) Characterization of a New Sediment Porewater Passive Sampler for Hydrophobic Organic Contaminants

Kinzinger, Janis (2021) Design of a Platform for Interaction With Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using Virtual Reality Technology

Kirejczyk, Michael A (2021) Self-Gravitating Fermi-Dirac and Bose-Einstein Clusters with Planar, Cylindrical, and Spherical Symmetry

Kirk-Provencher, Katelyn T (2021) Ratings of Consent in Lesbian, Gay, and Heterosexual Sexual Assault Situations

Kirk, Riley D (2021) Evaluating Natural Product Libraries with Emphasis on In Vitro Permeability Workflows

Klepacki, Jeremy (2021) Investigating the Barriers to Effective String Bass Education in Rhode Island Public Schools

Kulesh, Corinne Marie Ledey (2021) Student Retention: Bridging Theory, Research, Practice & Policy

LaChapelle, Lindsay Jordan (2021) Supporting Public Speakers Online: A Virtual Speaking Center Intervention

Lavigueur, Beatrix Anne (2021) The Role of Maternal Education and Child Gender on Children’s Fine Motor Skill Development

Lee, Changhee (2021) Exploring the Value of Peer Interaction during Online Inquiry with a Question Generation Task

Leger, Rosemary (2021) The Initial Response of the United States' Textile Recycling Industry to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Li, Lusi (2021) Multi-View Robust Representation Learning

Little, Matthew (2021) A Nonlinear Model Predictive Controller for a Wall-Rolling Fully Actuated UAV

Manz, Maria H (2021) Who’s Minding the Makos? Applications of Movement Patterns and Habitat Utilization for Management of Shortfin Mako Shark and Intersection with Offshore Energy Exploration

Maragkopoulou, Kassandra (2021) Digital Media and English Language Development of Dual Language Learners in Kindergarten

Masseloux, Juliana (2021) Forest Structure Shapes Tropical Terrestrial and Arboreal Mesomammal Communities Under Moderate Disturbance

McCooey, Christopher J (2021) Player Evaluation of Platform Game Generation Algorithms

Mclimans, Sharon A (2021) Nurse Practitioners’ Experiences Working with Patients Living with Morbid Obesity

Milley, Courtney (2021) The Effects of Message Framing on Response to Plastic Reduction Policies

Monahan, Kathleen (2021) Transtheoretical Model for Exercise: Measure Redevelopment and Assessing the Role of Barriers in a Diverse Population

Morales-McDevitt, Maya Erin (2021) The Air that We Breathe: Neutral PFAS in Indoor and Outdoor Air

Musella, Katharine E (2021) The Role of Perceived Social Support as a Mediator in the Relationship between Childhood Trauma and Social Anxiety

Nash, Melanie (2021) Socio-Cultural Changes in New England Lobster Fisheries: Policy, Perspective, and Community in Midcoast Maine

Pascuzzi, Emma (2021) Adolescent and Adult Personality and Relationship Factors as Predictors of Adult Romantic Relationship Quality

Perera, Dasith (2021) Mechanisms of Interaction Between Haemophilus parainfluenzae and Streptococcus mitis

Perera, Rupasinghe Arachchige Thivanka Nyomal (2021) A PHD Filter Based Relative Localization Filter for Robotic Swarms

Picucci, Jennifer P (2021) Iterative Methods for Computing a Few Eigenpairs or Singular Triplets of Large Sparse Matrices

Potvin, Jacquelyn (2021) Formative Evaluation of a Steam and Nutrition Education Summer Program for Low-Income Youth

Proffitt, Lisa (2021) The Relationship Between Oral Health Deficits and Oral Health Related Quality of Life in the Older Adult Population

Quinn, David J (2021) Genius Hour: Educator Perspectives on Navigating the Prompts, Promises, and Predicaments of Implementing Interest-Driven Learning in Public Schools

Quinn, Meghan C.L (2021) Geotechnical Effects on Fiber Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing Performance

Reich, Charlotte (2021) Analysis of Hysteretic Damping in Axially Loaded Piles

Ricci, Matthew T (2021) Temperature-Compensated Strain Gauges Using Metal-Semiconductor Nanocomposites

Rivera, Kimberly (2021) Rethinking Habitat and How We Study Human-Wildlife Relationships

Roberts, Nicky (2021) From Catch to Consumption: Food Security Dynamics in an Indonesian Fishing Community

Schicho, Jamie (2021) Measurement of the Free Surface in the Wake of a Submerged Foil

Schuttert, Christian W (2021) Functional Analysis of Virulence in Vibrio coralliilyticus RE22 and Probiotic Mechanisms of Phaeobacter Inhibens S4

Scott, Shawn P (2021) A Marketer's Symphony: Essays on the Power of Musical Structure and Its Influence on Consumers with Foundations for Future Research in Audio Sensory Marketing

Shahid, Mehwish (2021) South Asian American College Students' Mental Health Help-Seeking Attitudes and Preferences

Shah, Kanya K (2021) Real-World Utilization and Expenditure of Top-Down and Step-Up Therapy in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Shepard, Emily (2021) Developmental Trajectories in College Students with ADHD: The Relationship Between Treatment and Quality of Life

Stabile, Caroline W (2021) A Case Study of Scientific Modeling in Fifth Grade Classrooms: Teacher Conceptions, Epistemic Framing and Students’ Explanatory Models

Stahl, Angela (2021) Identifying Novel Isotopic Tracers of Marine Primary Producers to Study Food Web Carbon Cycles

Stevens, Brian (2021) Gatekeepers and Access Agents: How Admissions Officers Understand Their Roles in Shaping College Access in the 21st Century Market for Higher Education

Strock, Jacob P (2021) Investigating Long-Term Chemical, Physical, and Biological Changes in Narragansett Bay Using Bayesian Multivariate Dynamic Linear Models

Sun, Tianyu (2021) Evaluation of Medications for Opioid Use Disorder on Overdose and Healthcare Utilization in the Us

Tamanna, Marzia (2021) Optimization of Riparian Zone Nitrogen Management through the Development of Riparian Model

Tanzer, Joshua Ray (2021) Reliability and Physiological Validity: Bayesian Principal Components Analysis and Group Comparison

Tanzer, Joshua Ray (2021) Feeling Good: Happiness and Health in Dutch Older Adults

Tate, Marie (2021) Co-Occurrence of Depressive Symptoms and Alcohol Use: Impact of Sociodemographic Factors

Tauchnitz, Stefan (2021) Application of Distributed Containment Control to Multi-Robot Systems

Thiele, Niklas (2021) Simulation Based Evaluation of Pallet Management Strategies in the Context of Sustainability

Thompson, Lauren (2021) Executive Functioning in College Students with Comorbid Anxiety and Depression Symptoms

Upegui, David (2021) Social Justice and Evolutionary Biology: A Natural Fit

Vanterpool, Derece (2021) Counter-Narratives Matter: A Critical Race Analysis of Black Servicemen's School-To-Military Trajectory

Vega, William (2021) Effects of Identity Styles and Insecure Attachment Dimensions on Internalizing Behaviors

Wampole, Erin M (2021) Examining Anthropogenic Pressures on Madagascar Carnivorans

Williams, Kayla N (2021) Effectiveness of the National Marine Sanctuary Program in Addressing Ocean Noise Effects on Marine Mammals

Wongsirikajorn, Mattana (2021) Three Essays on Interactions between Poverty and Natural Resources

Zeyl, Gabrielle (2021) Is Parent Report of Bilingual Children's Language Environment as Valid as We Think?

Zisk, Alyssa Hillary (2021) Quantifying and Compensating for P300 Variations in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

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Dissertations from 2020

Addison, Erika (2020) Physicochemical Implications of Cyanobacteria Oxidation with Fe(Vi)

Aguero Barrantes, Mariela (2020) Post-subcultural Groups in Costa Rica: Music Scenes, the Undergorund, and Clothing Styles During the 1990s

Agular, Rebecca J (2020) Multicultural Research in Forensic Psychology: Where Are We Now?

Aiello, Gabriella M (2020) Synthetic Scene Based Object Detection: Can You Train Neural Networks with Synthetically Generated Data to Recognize Real Objects for Manufacturing?

Alam, Shajratul (2020) Analysis of Missing Data in Marine Dissolved Oxygen Time Series Using Dynamic Linear Models

Angelino, Domenic (2020) A Comparison of Open and Closed Chain Knee Extension Exercises on Patterns of Quadriceps Hypertrophy

Bailey, Beth A (2020) An Examination of Golf Magazines for Health Belief Model Applications and Skin Cancer Protection Advice

Baker, Nicole (2020) Individual Differences among Snapchat Users: Uses and Motivations

Balestrieri, Sara (2020) Exploring Causal Mechanisms Between Behavior and Cognition in a Theory-Based Alcohol Intervention

Basaly, Veronia (2020) Perfluorooctanesulfonic Acid (PFOS) as a Potential Risk Factor for Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

Beatty, Avery (2020) The Effects of Early Child Physical Abuse on Social and Academic Competence in Middle Childhood

Behanan, Priya Sara (2020) New Insights into Modeling Choice Behavior Under Uncertainty

Belviso, Nicholas J (2020) The Comparative Effectiveness, Safety, and Cost of Oral P2Y12 Antiplatelet Agents Following Acute Coronary Syndromes

Bernardo, Nicholas D (2020) Quantification of Voting Error: The 2018 Rhode Island Midterms

Bianchi, Nicholas J (2020) Optical Properties of One Dimensional Quaternary Photonic Crystals and Associated Heterostructures

Blachly, Ben (2020) Essays on Economics of Ecosystem Service from Dam Removal to Improve Decision Making

Borrelli, Eric P (2020) Prescription Controlled Substance Utilization: Evaluating Benzodiazepine Dose Intensity, Development and Application of a Measurement Framework, and Use of Tramadol Among Patients with Higher Risk

Bowen, Sarah (2020) Native American Marine Resource Management in Rhode Island Pre and Post Contact

Brandes, Jennifer (2020) Design and Analysis of the Performance of an Artificial Reef to Protect the Southern Rhode Island Shoreline

Buglio, Ryan A (2020) Characterization of Drop-stitch Constituent Materials and Inflated Panel Response

Bujanov, Sergio (2020) Technology Acceptance for Partially Automated Vehicles in the United States and Germany

Cantres-Velez, Juan A (2020) Cell Cycle-Regulation of the FANCD2 Protein via CDK-Mediated S592 Phosphorylation

Carney, Jessica (2020) Optical and Environmental Signatures of Cochlodinium polykrikoides in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island

Catanzaro, Marjana (2020) Spatial and Temporal Trends of Drug Overdose Deaths in Connecticut and Rhode Island

Chapman, Navid (2020) The Influence of Polymethyl Methacrylate Interfaces on the Fluorescence of Rhodamine 6G Thin Films

Chen, Xuanyu (2020) Impacts of Shoaling Ocean Surface Waves on Wind Stress and Storm Surge

Clarkin, Christine Marie (2020) LSVT®BIG Exercise Induced Neuroplasticity in People with Parkinson's Disease: An Assessment of Physiological and Behavioral Outcomes

Cofer, Danielle (2020) Preparing for Death: Cannibalism, Consumption and Incorporation in Women's Shipwreck Narratives

Constant, Matthew (2020) Analyzing the Performance Impact of Parallel Latency in the Pipeline

Costa, Kasie (2020) Public Perceptions of Single-use Plastic Bans in Rhode Island

Cox, Alissa Helen (2020) Coastal New England Septic System Drainfields: Groundwater Table and Greenhouse Gas Cycling Dynamics

Crawford, Troy M (2020) ICG- and GNP-pHLIP: Novel Agents for Imaging and Therapy

Cruz, Jeniffer (2020) The Role of Kindergarten Vocabulary Knowledge and Language Status on Early Reading Comprehension

Cyril, Khadijah Nelly (2020) The Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation Training Program: Outcomes for High School Students’ Cultural, Social, and Emotional Learning

Darosh, Angela (2020) Beyond the Negative Lens: A Strength-Based Approach to Understanding Sexual Minority Women’s Health

D'Assumpsoa Gonsalves, Michelle (2020) Making Energetic Materials Safer

Davis, Teressa (2020) Black Parents-adolescent Conversations About Sex: A Mixed-methods Study of Parent Perspectives

Dharmaratne, Nayanthara U (2020) Development of Novel (Thio)Urea Organocatalysts for Ring Opening Polymerization of Cyclic Lactones

Dong, Xiaonan (2020) Composite Cooperative Adaptive Learning and Control for Multi-Robot Coordination

Donohoe, Brandon (2020) The ‘Real Cost’ of Campaigns: Ends Campaign Effectiveness in Terms of Awareness and Content

El Khatib, Dounia (2020) Microplastic in Water and Wastewater

Falter, Carl Constantin (2020) Enhanced Visual Bridge Inspection Practices for an Improved Bridge Management System

Farnworth, Barbara A (2020) Female Comic Grotesque Characters in Victorian Novels: Investigating the Possibilities of Liminality

Feen, Melanie L (2020) Chlorophyll Fluorescence Corrections from a Rapid-Profiling, Autonomous Wirewalker

Fenderson, Madeleine (2020) Constructing Cooperation from the Seabed Up: Assessing Commercial Fishers’ Preferences on the Design of Offshore Wind Farms

Foley-Schramm, Ashton F (2020) Reading the Reader: Analyzing Depictions of Male Readers in Serial Victorian Fiction

Fontaine, Dillon T (2020) Effects of Long Term Deep-Sea Immersion on the Mechanical Response of Composite Structures

Francis, Alyssa (2020) Outcomes and Predictors of Prescription Stimulant Misuse in College Students with and without ADHD

Frawley, Abigail E (2020) The Effects of Antioxidant Supplementation, Migratory Season, and Flight Training on Key Components of the Antioxidant System of Migratory European Starlings (Sturnus Vulgaris)

Gardner, Michael (2020) Assessing the Impact of an Artificial Reef to Mitigate Coastal Erosion Using the Phase Resolving Wave Model Funwave

Gaudet, Charles Edward (2020) Detection of Cognitive Change: Examination of Approaches for Improving The Accuracy on Impact

Gauthier, Daniel L (2020) Automated Generation of Detailed Programming Assignment Feedback

Georgio, Allisa (2020) Prenatal Vitamin Use in Rhode Island According to Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Participation

Giacalone, Michael D (2020) Exploring the Greek-Letter Organization Experience at Primarily Commuter Public Colleges and Universities: A Phenomenological Study

Goldstein, Silvi C (2020) Validation and Application of an Alcohol-Related Problem Scale for American Indian Adolescents: Race Moderating the Relationship Between Alcohol Consumption and Alcohol-Related Problems

Gomes, Kristofer M (2020) Determining Impacts of Iron Limitation on Diatom Chloroplast Metabolism and Physiology

Goncharenko, Svetlana (2020) The Role of Childhood Trauma in the Associations among Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Emotional Reactivity, and Emotion Dysregulation: A Moderated Mediation Model

Graham, Clayton L (2020) The Influence of Pre-Migratory Body Composition and Habitat Quality on Fall Migration in the American Woodcock (Scolopax minor)

Griffin, Annette L (2020) Nurses' Involvement in End-of-LIfe Communication and Care Practices in ICUs

Griffith, Jaclyn (2020) “If I Was a Man, Then I’d Be the Man”: Understandings of Gender, Race, and Social Class in Postfeminist Popular Culture

Guitar, Jenna (2020) Reorienting the Female Gothic: Curiosity and the Pursuit of Knowledge

Harrelson, Clea (2020) Stealth Sanctuary: The Challenge of Protection at Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary

Haupt, Sara Jane (2020) Mitigation of Chlorinated Solvent Groundwater Plumes with Colloidal Activated Carbon

Haynes, Anna Zocchi (2020) Methods in the Detection of Aliphatic Alcohols and Anabolic Steroids in β-Cyclodextrin Solutions

Heiskanen, Satu Kristiina (2020) Investigation of Electrolyte Additives and Lithium Metal Anodes for Lithium Ion Batteries

Hellmuth, Jan Friedrich (2020) Study of the Automation of Disassembly of Electric Vehicle Batteries

Hewawasam, Rukshika (2020) Development of Organocatalysts for Ring-Opening Polymerization (ROP) of Lactones

Hidir, Serap (2020) Fictions of Captivity: Racializing Religion in Early U.S. Literature and Culture

Hoenow, Christina Marie (2020) Mpas and Marine Citizen Science: Accessibility in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Holshoe, Erika (2020) Lifting the Veil: Hijabi Fashion on Social Media

Homola, Kira Louise (2020) Subseafloor Porewater Paleosalinity and Nitrogen Isotopes

Hunter, Elizabeth Sage (2020) Investigation of the Impact of Bacterial Endosymbionts on Host Parasite Relations in Apicomplexans

Husain, Nyla Tauqir (2020) Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Airflow over Surface Waves and Air-Sea Fluxes

Iannucci, Jaclyn M (2020) Investigating the Role of Vascular Activation in Alzheimer’s Disease-Related Neuroinflammation

Innes-Gold, Anne A (2020) How Modified Trophic Interactions Create Socio-Ecological Tradeoffs: A Case Study of Narragansett Bay Fisheries

Johnson, Alexis (2020) Evolution of a Subjected Carbon-Rich Filament on the Edge of the North Atlantic Gyre

Jones, Colin Anthony (2020) Raise Your Glass: A Culture Evaluation of Diatoms as Archives of Past Nutrient Consumption

Joodaki, Faramarz (2020) Molecular Modeling of Normal Modes and Dynamics in Aromatic Rings, Peptides, and a Complex Lipid Bilayer

Keefe, Timothy (2020) Field Study of Pile Axial Cyclic Degradation and Aging

Kekulandara, Madhukara (2020) A Blockchain-based Auditable and Secure Voting System

Kinahan, Ian Gerard (2020) Interactions between Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, Eastern Hemlock, and Gypsy Moth

Kopsco, Heather L (2020) Evaluation of a Photograph-Based Citizen Science Program as a Tick Surveillance and Prevention Education Tool

Kouhi, Soroush (2020) Multi-scale Assessment of Hurricane-generated Coastal and Inland Flooding Using a Numerical and Observational Framework

Krasnosky, Kristopher E (2020) Massively Parallel Stochastic Terrain Models in Undersea Mapping and Navigation

Kulman, Ethan (2020) Identifying Opioid Withdrawal Using Wearable Biosensors

Kwon, Hee Yoon (2020) The New and the Old for Engagement in Business Learning: Gamified Course Design and Op-Ed Writing Project

Lantz, Benjamin (2020) On the Havel-Hakimi Residue of Degree Sequences and Its Relation to the Independence Number

Liu, Jiayin (2020) The Development and Evaluation of Transgenic Sorghum Lines for Conferred Phenotypes

Liu, Ming (2020) A Design of Wireless Low Power Strain Measurement Based on IoT Technology

LoBuono, Dara Lyn (2020) Tailoring Digital Health to Improve the Nutrition and Health of People with Parkinson’s Disease

Lynch, Kenneth A (2020) Structured, Individualized, Video-Based Coaching to Improve Technical Skill Acquisition

Ma, Ilkyeong (2020) Numerical Study of Effects of Warm Ocean Eddies and Oceanic Barrier Layers on Tropical Cyclone Intensity in Northwest Pacific

Marciano, Laura Marie (2020) Opening Ceremony: A Writing Practice Towards Queer Futurity

Marques, Emily Sara (2020) Evaluation of Key Perfluoroalkyl Substances to Induce Liver Steatosis in Mouse and Human Models

Martel, Michele (2020) Investigating the Relationship between Living-Learning Communities and Sense of Belonging in First-Year Engineering Students

McNulty, Kelsey (2020) Associations of Weight Dissatisfaction on Diet Quality, Percent Body Fat, and Physical Activity in College Students

Meiners, Florian (2020) Friction Compensation Using Linear Control Methods

Miescke, Fenia Mika (2020) Quality Control Measures for Cyclic Simple Shear Tests on Sand

Moafi Madani, Seyedeh Zahra (2020) Developing Stimuli-responsive Biomaterial Systems for Drug Delivery in Tissue Engineering and Cancer Chemotherapy

Moore, Amy Michelle (2020) Influence of Parent and Community Factors on Infant Snacking

Muniz, Joshua A (2020) Cluster Profiles of the Drinking Motives in a Sample of Firefighters and EMTs

Nalven, Tessa (2020) Racial Discrimination, Racial Identity Affiliation, and Alcohol Use in Multiracial Individuals

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Ryan, Valerie (2020) Graph Models with Missing Data Techniques for Applications in Drug Use Networks

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Safaee, Mohammad Moein (2020) Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Advanced Optical Materials, Wearable Biosensing, and Bioimaging

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Shanahan, Tina (2020) Changing Moods, Breaking & Building Bonds: Exploring EVT Through Literary Representation

Shea, Patricia (2020) “Join Our Community”: Podcaster Use of Communal Appeals in Crowdfunding Campaigns

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Siemon, Lukas (2020) Improving the Utilization of Renewable Energies in Water Supply Systems Using Demand Side Management

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Soukup, Jenn (2020) Combined Effect of Herbivory and Salinity Stress on the Common Reed, Phragmites australis

Spellman, Charles D. (2020) Feasibility Assessment of Acid Mine Drainage and Municipal Wastewater Co-Treatment

Steele, Preston (2020) Spike Frequency Adaptation in Motor Neurons and Joint Resistance in Rabbit Model of Cerebral Palsy

Stephanik, Dylan (2020) Mechanical Response of Water-filled Drop-stitch Inflatable Structures

Sugar, Jackson (2020) Control System for Low-Cost Miniature Isopycnal Floats (Minions) Targeting Distributed Observations of Theoceanic Biological Carbon Pump

Sweck, Sydney Rondeau (2020) Associations between Age, Menopausal Status, and Physical Function in Middle-Aged Women

Taylor, Cynthia (2020) Making Sense of Public Scientific Controversy: A Case Study Examining Science Communication and Public Engagement Surrounding Genetically Modified Mosquitoes in the Florida Keys

Thach, Angela (2020) Characterization of ZN2+-Doped Poly(Vinylidene Difluoride) Films by X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

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Turner, Kyle J (2020) Remote Sensing of Phytoplankton Size Classes on the Northeast U.S. Continental Shelf

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Visgilio, Lili Lan Lebrun (2020) The Impacts of Hearing Loss on Social-Emotional Health

Wan, Zhiqiang (2020) Deep Learning for Data-Driven Decision-Making

Whittaker, Zachary (2020) Design of an Automated System for Corner Brick Assembly Process

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Yun, Gawon (2020) Right-Shoring: From Offshoring to Reshoring for a Sustainable Manufacturing Location Decision in the Healthcare Industry

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Dissertations from 2019

Abbasi, Akram (2019) Nanomaterials for Sensing, Heating and Applications in Composites and Emulsion Biofouling

Abreu, Alyssa (2019) Maternal Blood Pressure in Relation to Low Birth Weight and the Effect of a Nutritional Supplement

Ahern, Kelly (2019) My Selfie-Image: An Artist's Multimedia Perspective to Self-Discovery

Al-Bkerat, Maisaa (2019) Nutritional Beliefs and Practices of Arabic Speaking Middle Eastern Mothers

Alharbi, Abdullah G (2019) Comparative Effects of Tolfenamic Acid and Donepezil on Behavior and Tau Pathology Biomarker Levels

Alich, Alena M (2019) Modeling, Simulation and Investigation of Inflatable Drop-stitch Panels with Finite Element Analysis

Almohammadi, Iman Aly (2019) Development and Validation of the Arabic Versions of the Transtheoretical Model Scales for Exercise

An, Jiyoon (2019) Alexa or Alex? Gendered Technology’s Influence on Consumer Judgments

Arizi, Evans Kwasi (2019) Towards Sustainable Management of the Sardinella Fishery in Ghana

Armendarez, Joseph J (2019) The Effects of Computer Assisted Instruction on Early Literacy Skills of Young Children Who Are Hispanic/Latino

Asadi, Pouria (2019) Computer Vision Based Method for Automatic Rebar Detection in Ground Penetrating Radar Data

Asgari, Kian M (2019) Development of an RFID-Enabled Serial Kanban Production System with Real Time Order Scheduling

Babcock, Zachary R (2019) Polypharmacy in Cancer Patients: Health-Related Quality of Life, Expenditures, and Adverse Events

Barlock, Benjamin Joseph (2019) Use of Hyphenated Mass Spectrometry to Uncover True NAFLD Effect on Human Drug Disposition Proteins

Bartels, Rachel L (2019) From Breast Pump to Best Pump: A Human-Centered Evaluation

Beatty, Kristen (2019) Developing Student Voice Through Twitter: Using Media Literacy Education to Inspire Civic Engagement

Bedoyan, Janette Nazeli (2019) Role of Critical Nutrition Literacy in Making Informed Decisions About Dietary Behavior

Berlinsky, Taylor Benson (2019) Pilot Testing a Nutrition and Motivational Interviewing Curriculum for Nursing Students

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Bian, Ke (2019) DNA Damage, Repair, and Mutational Spectrum

Bilecki, Danielle (2019) The Burden of Invisibility: A Case Study of the Fisheries Crisis in Ghana, and the Usaid/Ghana Sustainable Fisheries Management Project's Gegender Mainstreaming Strategy

Bligh, Amanda (2019) Real-Time Geometry-Based Feedback for Design Engineers on the Environmental Impact of Manufacturing

Bodurtha, Nidhi Mehta (2019) Dynamic Instability of Reinforced Cylinders in A Confining Environment

Bonoff, Jennifer (2019) Changing Consumer Experiences and Behaviors & the Role of the Marketer within Mobile Environments

Bopp, Tobias (2019) Analyzing the Correlations among Driver Distractions and the Probability of an Accident

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Brozyna, Christopher (2019) Three Experimental Examinations of Aspects of Institutions Governing Natural Resource

Brummett, Marissa (2019) The Effect of Season upon the Life Cycle of Haemonchus contortus in Experimentally Infected Lambs

Buck, Jamie (2019) Indicators of Social Acceptance of Offshore Wind Energy Development in Massachusetts: Assessing The Commonwealth’S Current Socio-Political, Market and Community Conditions

Canfield, Katherine (2019) Tourism and Justice on Catalina Island: Perceptions of Burdens, Power, and Decision-making

Cao, Wenqiu (2019) Longitudinal Data Prediction in EHR: Comparison of Glmm and Machine Learning Methods

Card, Adam D (2019) Ultrafast Coherent Spectroscopies and Laser Sources Based on Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Phenomena

Carlin, John Patrick (2019) Characterization of the In-Plane and Cross-Plane Thermal Conductivity of Polymer Nanofiber Thin Film Utilizing the 3-Omega Method

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Chalut, Bailey (2019) Anthelmintic Efficacy of Pelleted Cranberry Vine Against Gastrointestinal Nematodes of Sheep

Chen, Xiaotian (2019) Ugv Direction Control by Human Arm Gesture Recognition via Deterministic Learning

Cipoletta, David O (2019) State Machine Approach for Gesture Classification

Cobbina, Enoch (2019) Development of Bayesian and Non-Bayesian Melphalan Pharmacokinetic Model from Literature-Generated Data

Cooper-Mullin, Clara (2019) How Birds Respond to Antioxidant Capacity, Oxidative Damage, and Fuel Stores during Migration

Cornier, J. Raúl (2019) Hanky Panky: The History and Cultural Impact of the Hanky Code

Creighton, Tyler (2019) System Modeling of a Lithium-ion Battery

Cromwell, Benjamin B (2019) Identification of 15 Phthalate Esters in Commercial Cheese Powder via Cyclodextrin-Promoted Fluorescence Detection

Crowe, Patrick (2019) When the Alternative Becomes Hegemonic: A Textual Analysis of The Royal Tenenbaums

Cutshaw, Larynn (2019) Assessing Consumer Preferences for Sustainability, Equity, and Welfare in the Aquarium Trade

Diouf, Rassoul (2019) Data Analytics for Wearable IoT-Based Telemedicine

Dixon-Anderson, Erik R (2019) Polyethylene Passive Sampler Method Development for Fluorotelomer Alcohols and Other Neutral Perfluorinated Alkyl Substances

Duwe, Lukas (2019) All-Solid Lithium-Ion Batteries for High Safety and Stability

Emi, Tania T (2019) Remotely Activated Biomaterials for Optimizing the Temporal Profiles of Therapeutic Molecules

Engley, Ryan (2019) To Be Continued: Seriality in New Media

Evron, Lauren (2019) Yoga, Mindfulness and Interpersonal Relationships

Fedorenko, Michael (2019) Molecular Mechanisms of Protein Binding by Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs)

Fenn, Natalie (2019) Civic Engagement's Role in Well-Being: Examining a Mediational Model Across Two Samples

Fernandez Scarioni, Javier (2019) Cyclic Constant Normal Stiffness Tests on Sand

Ferrazzoli, Milo (2019) Experimental Characterization and Scale Modeling of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Fine, Jaime (2019) Impact of Fabric Parameters on the Textile Dielectric Layer of a Capacitive Pressure Sensor

Flanagan, Evan (2019) Transformational Leadership Theory and the Characteristics of Holistic Coaching in Sports

Freese, Jillian (2019) Molecular and Morphological Investigations into the Evolution and Development of Red Algal Parasites

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Greenfield, Joseph (2019) SPARTA: System for Portable Acquisition with Real-Time Analysis

Guillaume, Jean A (2019) Closure under the Majorization Relation and the Distinguishing Chromatic Number of Circulant Graphs

Hadjeres, Hichem (2019) Chlorine Disinfection Byproduct Management in Rhode Island Source Waters Using Led-Based UVC Disinfection

Hattat, Ahmet (2019) Product Evaluations as a Factor of Unknown Attribute Positioning, Brand Trust, Need for Cognition and Message Diagnosticity

Hayes, Reilly F (2019) Dynamics of the Late Triassic Adamanian-Revueltian Extinction, Petrified Forest National Park, Az

Hellwig, Martin D (2019) Computational Gene Association Based on Relative Species Displacement in Gene and Morphology Trees

Hill, Danielle (2019) Examining Motivational Interviewing Addressing Adolescent Substance Use during Psychiatric Hospitalzation

Holland, Sara (2019) Finding Common Ground; Individual Trait Differences and The Persuasive Effects of Moral Framing

Houghton, James (2019) Estimation of Voter Arrival Rates Using Electronic Poll Book Transaction Logs

Hughes, Samuel (2019) Coculture of Probiotic Bacteria in Algal Feedstocks for Disease Management in Bivalve Hatcheries

Ivone, Ryan (2019) Development of a Fast Dissolving Anti-HIV Formulation for Pediatrics

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Jilling, Adam (2019) Optimizing Recommendations for Clustering Algorithms Using Meta-learning

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Lee, TingFang (2019) Skellam Process Modeling for Financial High-Frequency Data

Li, Dongyang (2019) Processing in Storage, the next Generation of Storage System

Li, Jiahang (2019) Three-Dimensional Passive-source Reverse Time Migration of Convert Waves: A New Method to Image the Earth's Discontinuities

Lubetkin, Megan (2019) Investigating Lava Balloon Formation: New Exploration of the 1993 Submarine Vent Site at Socorro Island, Mexico

Lyons, Nicole Rose (2019) School Leader Development: Perceptions of Skill Development on the Job

Mako, Teresa Louise (2019) Detection of Ions and Small Molecule Toxicants in Aqueous Media Using New Colorimetric and Fluorimetric Methods

Mandojana-Ducot, Crassandra (2019) The Impact of Sexual Health Curricula on College Students' Attitudes Towards Transgender People

Manke, Krysten (2019) Welcome to the Club: An Archival Inquiry into the Dewey Laboratory School as Rhetorical Education

Mantaian, Tyler (2019) Short-Term Cost-Effectiveness of Second-Generation Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotics as Compared with Oral Antipsychotics in Preventing Rehospitalization or Treatment Switch in Patients with Schizophrenia

Marcotte, James (2019) Global Dynamics of Discrete Monotone Maps in The Plane and in RN

Marzban, Maryam (2019) The Relationship Between Personality of Students in An Intergenerational Program and Attitudes Toward Older Adults

Masrahi, Alaa (2019) Identifying Factors of Success for Renewable Energy Growth In the United States of America

May, Shannon E (2019) Analysis of ATP-Dependent Chaperone Protein Interactions with Misfolded Proteins, Amyloids, and Aggregated Proteins

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Mella, Carlos Rafael Javier (2019) Dynamic Behavior of Composite Structures Subjected to Aggressive Marine Environments: An Experimental and Computational Investigation

Mena, Noereem Zenaida (2019) The Home and Child-Care: Are Preschool-Aged Children Getting Mixed Food-Related Messages?

Menges, Jessica (2019) Evaluation of IFQS in the Pacific Halibut Fishery in Alaska: Were the Management Safeguards Successful?

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Murtagh, Patricia J (2019) A Critical Examination of Rhode Island Speech-Language Pathologists Working Under Federal and State Education Policy

Nickles, Katie R (2019) Ontogeny of the Lateral Line and Visual Systems of a Caribbean Reef Goby, Elacatinus lori

Oakley, Ryan (2019) The Effects of Contrast With Compression Therapy on Muscle Recovery Post Exercise

Ogram Buckley, Caitlin M (2019) Knowledge Concerning Health Factors and Cognitive Performance: Development and Expert Validation of a Perceptions Questionnaire

Orphanides, Christopher D (2019) Relating Marine Mammal Distribution to Prey Abundance

Ortega, Elsa (2019) The Characterization of Xanthene Dyes on a Glass Substrate from Different Coating Techniques

Ott, Benjamin H (2019) Applications of Centered Kernel Target Alignment in Inductive Logic Programming

Padgett, Jason Scott (2019) Cascadia Subduction Zone Coseismic Subsidence Estimates from Northern California and Washington

Palazini, Angela (2019) Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems for Students with Disabilities: A Case Study of Four Students and Their Communication Team

Pallack, Robert J. (2019) Towards a Unified Modeling Language (UML) Profile to Address Digital Forensic Evidence Complexities

Perkins, Matthew (2019) Advancements in Biomimetic Underwater Propulsion: Boundary Interactions and Crossflow Compensation

Perrelli, Kristina M (2019) Exploring the Lived Experience of Being Pregnant While a College Student

Pfohl, Marisa (2019) An ‘Omics Approach to Diet & Structure Impact on Perfluoroalkyl Substance Induced Liver Disease

Pitassi, Angela Marie (2019) Exploración sobre las estrategias discursivas y de identidad en negociaciónes en medios radiales étnicos: El caso de los interlocutores y el dj gato en la estación radial latina 100.3 fm de providence, Rhode Island (USA)

Pomerantz, Hayley E (2019) Childhood Emotional Maltreatment and Anxiety: The Effect of Engaging in a Healthy Lifestyle

Pothupitiya, Jinal U (2019) Organocatalytic Ring-Opening Polymerization of Cyclic Lactones: Development of New Catalysts Guided by Mechanism

Raggi, Emanuele (2019) Localization of a Drifting Underwater Vehicle Using a Terrain-Based Particle Filter

Rahman, Muhammad Enayetur (2019) Design and Performance Analysis of a Programmable Near Field Communication Antenna on Soft Materials

Reinker, Jeffrey (2019) Energy Efficient Streetlight Conversion: Integrating Leds and Intelligent Transportation Systems

Rettinger, Ryan Charles (2019) Examination of Non-Ideal Explosives

Ribeiro, Brenno (2019) Development of a Paper-Based Microfluidic Device for the Detection of Orthophosphate in Water

Risi, Megan M (2019) Risk Taking as an Outcome of an Alcohol Harm Reduction Trial

Rocchio, Joseph (2019) Surfactant Enhanced Bioremediation of Oil by Alcanivorax Borkumensis Using Food Grade Amphiphiles

Rondeau, Jared (2019) Deep Learning of Human Apparent Age for the Detection of Sexually Exploitative Imagery of Children

Rose, Kenneth N (2019) Dietary Polyphenols and Their Gut Microbiota Metabolites as Potential Treatments for Alzheimer's Disease

Rubstello, Katie (2019) The Social Acceptability of Shellfish Aquaculture

Russo, Victoria Elizabeth (2019) Correlations of the Fear of Missing Out & Interpersonal Stress With Female College Students' Sleep

Saikia, Manob Jyoti (2019) A Wearable, Configurable Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy System for Wireless Neuroimaging

Salazar, Christopher J (2019) Dynamic Instability of Composite Cylinders in Underwater Confining Environments

Saravanakumar, Anitha (2019) An Omics Based Approach for the Identification of Biomarkers of Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Using in vitro Models of Hepatic Steatosis

Saul, Southey F (2019) Effect of Exercise on Cognitive Function in Persons with Dementia: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Schick, Melissa R (2019) The Moderating Role of Positive Affect in Understanding the Relationship Between Stress and Alcohol Use

Schwarz, Thomas (2019) Design of a Modular Soft Continuum Robotic Arm

Scudere, Anthony R (2019) Assessing the Feasibility of Integrating an Inertial Navigation System and DVL into an A-Sized AUVs

Segal, Caroline M (2019) Testing the Effectiveness of Brief Psychoeducation to Improve Parent Problem Recognition

Shahid, Mehwish (2019) Asian Americans' Help-Seeking Attitudes: The Role of Cultural Values, Ethnic Identity, and Neighborhood Ethnic Density

Shah, Nishan K (2019) Overcoming Contemporary Obstacles in Drug Delivery via Acetalated Dextran Particle Formulations

Shrestha, Neha (2019) Performance Prediction of Warm Mix Asphalt Pavement Containing Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement in Rhode Island

Sieczkowski, Rachel (2019) Training Peer Tutors: An Evaluation of Best Practices in Speaking Centers

Small, Rachel (2019) Attitudes Towards Commercial Sexual Exploitation: An Ecological Systems Approach

Smith, Elizabeth A (2019) A Pilot Qualitative Evaluation: Youth Perception on Plastic Straws Before and After Education Intervention

Smith, Michael P (2019) Mechanical Response of Polymer-Fabric Skin Materials Used in Inflatable Drop-Stitch Structures

Snyder, Wendy (2019) Effects of Incorporating Inertial Measurements on the Localization Accuracy of the Seaglider AUV

Sousa, Alexander (2019) Distinguishing Living and Non-Living Surface Deposition on Serptentines: Implications for Biosignatures and Astrobiology

Steffes, Juliana (2019) An Exploratory Investigation into the Structure of Eating Disorder Diagnosis

Stevick, Rebecca Jean (2019) Oyster-Associated Microbial Community Dynamics

Stranieri, Andrew (2019) Safety and Efficacy of Whey Protein Supplementation in Teenage Athletes

Sutyawan, Fery (2019) Federalism in Marine Fisheries Governance in Indonesia: An Analysis of the Stakeholders’ Perceptions

Sweeney, Benjamin (2019) Designing Port Infrastructure for Sea Level Change: A Survey of U.S. Engineers

Sylaj, Adelina (2019) Cross Cultural Communication Barriers in International Organizations: International Organization for Migration in Pakistan

Takyi, Evelyn (2019) Population Genetic Structure of Sardinella Aurita and Sardinella Madurensis in the Eastern Central Atlantic Region (CECAF) in West Africa

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Tate, Marie C (2019) Substance Use Admission Trends from 2000 to 2015 Within and Across Racial, Gender, and Age Groups

Tatoian, Robert P (2019) Haptic Feedback in a Virtual Reality Exercise Game: Design of a Study and Implementation of a System

Tendhar, Thupten (2019) Compassion and Well-Being: The Effects of an Online Film-Mediated Compassion Education on Undergraduate Students

Touhey, Eva (2019) The Influence of Plastic Bag Bans on Pro-Environmental Behaviors in Rhode Island Coastal Communities

Treadaway, Victoria Ann (2019) Behavior and Transport of Organic Acids in the Troposphere Using Observational Data and Models

Turchetta, Louis William (2019) Self-Monitoring Heart Rate Biofeedback: A Secondary Prevention Strategy for Managing Anxiety in College Students

Unger, Susan P (2019) Analysis of a Twitter Feed Community of Practicing K-8 Reform-Minded Science Teachers

Van Beaver, Sarah G (2019) Global Dynamics of Some Discrete Dynamical Systems in Mathematical Biology

Venolia, Celeste T (2019) Growth of Saccharina Latissima in Aquaculture Systems Modeled Using Dynamic Energy Budget Theory

Villa, Priscilla (2019) The Effects of Concussion on Motor Neuron Reflex Excitability

Walker, Clarissa J (2019) "There is No Racism in Cuba": A Field Study of the "Post-Race" Rhetoric of Modern Cuba

Wang, Hao (2019) An Intelligent Design Explorer for New Violin Shapes

Wang, Zhao (2019) Essays on Corporate Disclosure, Governance, and Capital Markets

Watts, Kara A (2019) Charmed Modernisms: Fantasies of Sociality and Difference in Twentieth-Century British and American Literature

Weir, Michael Joseph (2019) Health Information Campaigns and Genetically Modified Food Labels in the Seafood Market

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Wilde, Taris Frederic (2019) The Impact of Road Types on the Energy Consumption of Electric Vehicles

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Yang, Jing (2019) Accelerating Data Accessing by Exploiting Flash Memory Technologies

Zambrotta, Nicholas S (2019) Could Stated Political Affiliation Influence a Candidate's Perceived Appropriateness to Attend Graduate School? An Audit Study

Zheng, Boren (2019) Performance Comparison of Self-Organizing Maps Based on Different Autoencoders

Zhou, Xin (2019) Robust Estimation for Noisy Data

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Dissertations from 2018

Abood, Alla (2018) Saudi Arabian Fashion E-Shopping: Effects of Social Media, Perceived Risks and Innovation Attributes

Abramski, Katherine E (2018) A Network Based Analysis of the International Refugee Crisis Using GERGMs

Abtahi, Mohammadreza (2018) Brain-Body Sensory Fusion: Merging fNIRS/EEG Neuroimaging and Full-Body Motion Capture

Ackermann, Kay Christian (2018) Self-sensing Concrete for Structural Health Monitoring of Smart Infrastructures

Akuoko, Ivy Serwaa Gyimah (2018) Solid Waste Management in Coastal Ghana

Aldrich, Sarah (2018) Finding the Words: The Impact of Voca on Language Acquisition

Alghaith, Ghadah (2018) Expression and Activity of CYP2C8 and 2C9 in Diabetes Mellitus and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

AlNaser, Naser (2018) Modeling the Morphological Evolution of Stabilized Dune System During Extreme Storm Events

Alvanas, Elizabeth A (2018) A Line Array of Directional Hydrophones for Improved Detection of Emergency Locator Beacons

Al Zowelei, Mosa (2018) Instrumentation of Measuring Cellular Capacitance via Signal Processing Tool

Annika, Annika Juliane (2018) Life-Cycle-Cost Evaluation of Bridges With Fiber-Reinforced Polymers (FRP)

Armbrecht, Frederik (2018) Three Dimensional Localization of Work Pieces in Assembly Lines with Radio Frequency Identification

Armenti, Samantha M (2018) Computer Science Education with English Learners

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You, Sangmin (2016) Bile acids and premature labor in intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy

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Dissertations from 2015

Abdullah, Ahlam Hussain (2015) Nursing satisfaction in a magnet hospital

Adesanoye, Damilola (2015) A cross-sectional analysis of bronchodilator prescribing in COPD and cardiovascular comorbidity

Adochite, Ramona-Cosmina (2015) Design and development of pH-sensitive peptides for cancer diagnostics

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Audette, Castine Elizabeth (2015) The effects of environmental education on the public's attitudes and level of policy support for habitat restoration in Narragansett Bay

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DiMaria, Lisa Adorno (2015) Understanding the barriers and facilitators of lifestyle intervention programs for preventing diabetes in high risk hispanic adults

Donnelly, Maria A (2015) Thermal stability and sensitivity of energetic formulations

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Du, Jiang (2015) Bond covenants, bond issue size, and credit default spered premiums

Dunbar, Eva-Molly Petitto (2015) An examination of sequential and simultaneous behavior change within two multiple health behavior change conditions

Dunne, Andrew (2015) Low power underwater acoustic DPSK detection: Theoretical prediction and experimental results

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Hang, Ducha (2015) "I am a Hmong American": An exploration of the experiences of Hmong students in college

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Heidtman, Emma (2015) "A great and terrible event": Historical evidence for the 551 CE tsunami at Akko, Israel

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Serio, Nicole Cook (2015) Cyclodexrtrins as hosts for the array-based detection of persistent organic pollutants in complex media

Sewchuk, Dennis H. (2015) The stigma of obesity: Examining the relationship between BMI and the treatment of pain in surgery patients

Sherman, Daniel (2015) Developing and testing a novel low cost force and torque sensor suitable for robotic applications

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Shimpi, Prajakta (2015) Role of nuclear factor E2 related factor 2 (Nrf2) in environmental chemical induced steatosis and adipogenesis

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Sun, Caoxin (2015) Persistent organic pollutants in the Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

Sun, Qihua (2015) Tumor-penetrating acetalated dextran nanoparticles capable of tandem delivery of agents for the treatment of lung cancer

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Szwaja, Sara A (2015) The role of mantle residuum in subduction-driven circulation: Implications for the Cascades system

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Tower, Johanna (2015) "Fresh and fashionable goods": The daybooks of Elijah Boardman, Connecticut shopkeeper, 1784-1811

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Wang, Huiqiang (2015) An economic analysis of food safety and public health: Milk pasteurization in the United States

Washor, Kim Stack (2015) Bridging the soft-skill gap from education to employment through internships

Weiss, Lena (2015) Modeling participation in citizen science: Recreational fishermen in Massachusetts

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Wigginton, Sara (2015) The effects of reduced mowing in roadside medians on stormwater filtration and invasive species management

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Zhao, Wenjing (2015) Characterization of the probiotic mechanism of Phaeobacter gallaeciensis S4 against bacterial pathogens

Zhu, Zonghao (2015) Effect of average happiness for Twitter on the Dow Jones Industrial Average return volatility

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Dissertations from 2014

Abtahi, Mohammadreza (2014) Automatic high-frequency oscillation detection from tripolar concentric ring electrode scalp recording

Aguirre, Danielle (2014) Deletion of antibody encoded tolerogenic signals to improve a dendritic cell targeted vaccine delivery platform system

Alcusky, Matthew J (2014) Effect of hospitalization on the integrity of the medication regimen in patients with diabetes mellitus

Almeida, Robert (2014) Investigation of genes contributing to whole plant senescence in soybean (glycine max)

Almond, Amanda Lee (2014) Taking race out of the picture: Health communication and disease prevention for Black Americans

Amidon, Timothy R (2014) Firefighters' multimodal literacy practices

Amoyal, Nicole Rebecca (2014) Moral elevation and its relation to the altruistic health behavior of becoming an organ and tissue donor

Arts, Jennifer (2014) A population-based nutrition intervention in college students

Ausfresser, Gabriel (2014) Analyzing the effectiveness of the activity analyzer for guided independent living environments

Azzinaro, Paul A (2014) Identification of novel FANCD2 interacting proteins via immunoprecipitation and mass spectrometry

Babbin, Steven Francis (2014) Investigating the mechanisms of smoking behavior change with statistical mediation analysis

Baker, Aaron M (2014) Impact of non-informative alteration in assessment: Identification and corrective procedures

Baker, Hilary S (2014) The use of "Robes" by American Dressmakers: A. & L. Tirocchi, Providence, Rhode Island

Balt, Christelle (2014) Subestuarine circulation and dispersion in Narragansett Bay

Banari, Amir (2014) Lattice Boltzmann simulation of multiphase flows; application to wave breaking and sea spray generation

Barruos, Joel (2014) Effective virtual navigation in a 3D underwater environment based on real-world bathymetry

Benvenuto, Jonathan P (2014) Computation of buoy mooring chain wear

Bernstein, Michael (2014) Anticipatory social anxiety and alcohol use: An ecologically valid laboratory experiment

Bissett, Callum R (2014) Mathematical models for eco-industrial networks

Bloom, Elizabeth M (2014) Horizontal violence among nurses: experiences, responses and job performance

Brounce, Maryjo N (2014) A geochemical investigation of oxygen fugacity in the Marianas subduction factory

Brown, Alexander (2014) Novel strategies for the purification and inhibition of protein-tyrosine kinases

Bruns, Alexander C (2014) Assessing global product sustainability: Development of an integrated approach

Bueti, Michael R (2014) Impact of tropical cyclones on ocean heat content and transport

Burgos-Rodriguez, Jhoset A (2014) Effects of introduced Green Iguanas (Iguana iguana) on tropical plant communities through seed dispersal and germination

Canino, Jonathan N (2014) Application of polymer systems to the detection and retention of explosives

Card, Christopher James (2014) The bovine spermatozoal transcriptome and sire fertility

Carpenter, Lisa Ann (2014) Engaging students in authentic discussion in the secondary English classroom

Carter, Lauren E (2014) A comparison of the development of the lateral line canal pores in two species of cichlid fishes with functionally distinct canal morphologies

Castagno, Katherine A (2014) Co-evaluation of success components in salt marsh restoration and the shellfish industry on outer Cape Cod, MA

Caviness, Celeste (2014) Historically marginalized groups in psychological science

Chen, Hui (2014) Using activated carbon to enhance the VOCs and heavy metals removal of a porous asphalt pavement system

Chen, Yi-Tzai (2014) Molecular interaction in carboxylesterases-based catalysis: Ontogenic expression and induction through a novel element

Chierico, Paulstephen (2014) An investigation into ground effect for an underwater biologically inspired flapping foil

Chinthapatla, Harini (2014) Measuring and predicting the factors associated with persistence to antidepressant therapy in patients with diabetes

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Dissertations from 2013

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Zhou, Liu (2012) Electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries with wide operating temperature range

Zoll, Susan Marie (2012) From “at risk” to “at promise”: An evaluation of an Early Reading First project

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Dissertations from 2011

Aceto, Stephanie (2011) Composite lead selenide-titania heterostructures for photovoltaic applications

Akinfolarin, Asad A (2011) Active and passive filtering of whole blood for lab-on-chip biosensors

Ale, Bhaskar (2011) Characterization of hollow particulate and graded composites using ultrasonic technique

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Crosby, Alexander Robert (2011) Offshore wind resource assessment with Standard Wind Analysis Tool (SWAT): A Rhode Island case study

Dahal, Jinesh (2011) Grain boundary deformation and damage mechanisms in intergranular crack growth of a nickel based superalloy

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Deshpande, Chinmay (2011) Non adherence in isoniazid treated patients as measured by “Temptation to skip therapy” scale

Ding, Quan (2011) Statistical signal processing and its applications to detection, model order selection, and classification

Dolphin, Diane (2011) Digital disability discourses: User-generated content, identity and resistance

Dorfman, Leah (2011) The effects of resistance training and dietary intervention on body composition in overweight and obese community-dwelling older adults

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Duncan, Whitney P (2011) Methods for reducing changeover times through scheduling

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Duvuri, Aditya (2011) The formulation of naturally-occurring polyphenolic nutraceutical agents using hot-melt extrusion

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Falacho, Helder Morgado (2011) Tension control in metallic web processing

Falco, Michael (2011) Design, testing, and analysis of a novel fatigue testing apparatus

Farley, George Thomas (2011) Polyphospate-based industrial cooling water treatment

Ferris-Costa, Kathleen (2011) eWOM via mavens, buzz agents, and followers

Freier, Monika (2011) An explanatory investigation: Fitting rooms as a personal service and a tool to increase sales in fashion apparel stores

Gabellieri, Joshua Michael (2011) The physiological demands of walking during golf

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Giuriceo, Carol M (2011) Doing science their way: An ethnographic study of sixth grade girls' engagement with school science

Gobell, Michael J (2011) Design, construction and testing of a semi-autonomous surface drifting buoy for coastal observations

Gorraiz, Maggie L (2011) A model of sexual functioning across gender: Self-objectification, body shame, body self-consciousness and sexual self-esteem

Grandidge, Aura F (2011) A molecular study of the chiton Ischnochiton striolatus (Gray 1828) from Isla de Margarita, Nueva Esparta, Venezuela

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Gupta, Anju (2011) Investigation of interaction of cationic amphiphiles with model membranes and their application in drug delivery

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Joseph, Shaun N (2011) Relaxations of L(1,1)-labeling for the broadcast scheduling problem

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Parkins, Christopher (2011) The finfish catch efficiency of alternative gear designs that reduce sea turtle bycatch in bottom trawl fisheries

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Zell, Eric (2011) Cooperative autonomous mobile robots in a shared workspace

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Dissertations from 2010

Ahern, David C (2010) Extreme group comparisons: Nature, prevalence, and impact on psychological research

Alshammari, Thamir M (2010) Drug safety issues focusing on liver and pancreas toxicity

Aruga, Kentaka (2010) Essays on the efficiency of non-genetically modified (non-GM) and conventional soybean futures markets

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Dimos, Christos Sotirios (2010) Functional analysis of the cellulose synthase-like D (CSLD) gene family in Physcomitrella patens

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Fald, Ahmed (2010) Valve-less rectification micropumps based on bifurcation geometries

Fortuna, Carolyn (2010) Making waves with critical literacy: A teacher researcher study around the texts, contexts, and recontextualizations of an upper middle class public high school

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Smith, Nicole C (2010) The effect of perinatal morbidity, child health and maternal influences on social competence at age 12 years in formerly preterm infants

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Teasdale, Margaret E (2010) Antagonism of bacterial cell to cell signalling by metabolites of marine gram-positive bacteria

Thikeo, Manivone (2010) Cambodian and Laotian Americans' cultural values and attitudes toward seeking professional psychological services

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Vancza, Valerie A (2010) Inside writing assessment: One faculty's collective engagement & active critique within departmental course outcomes

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Yu, Zhitao (2010) Roll vortices and their impact on the mean flow in the atmospheric boundary layer

Zhang, Zhigang (2010) Full-wave tomography: Method and application to the south-east Tibetan plateau

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Dissertations from 2009

Addagulla, Swapna (2009) Functional silane based co-polymers for biofunctionalization studies, chemical sensing and separations

Aliberti Lubertazzi, Maria Adella (2009) Natal habitat use by dragonflies along landscape gradients in Rhode Island

Anthony, Abigail Walker (2009) Climate change and peak demand for electricity: Evaluating policies for reducing peak demand under different climate change scenarios

Basu, Sukanya (2009) Global behavior of solutions to a class of second-order rational difference equations

Bell, Richard James (2009) Overwintering ecology of young-of-the-year winter flounder in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island

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Golden, Hayley Y (2009) The effects of wife-abuser socio-economic level, type of abuse, and rater gender, on attribution of blame for wife abuse

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McGreevy, Thomas Joseph (2009) Conservation genetics of Association of Zoos and Aquariums and wild Matshie's tree kangaroo (Dendrolagus matschiei) from Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea

Mouw, Colleen Beckmann (2009) Bio-optical and remote sensing investigation of phytoplankton community size structure

Nargiso, Jessica E (2009) Adolescent gender differences in risk of alcohol use

Narwal, Rajesh (2009) Evaluation of mixed-effects modeling techniques for the analysis of longitudinal data collected from PK -PD and efficacy clinical trials

Oczkowski, Autumn Jean (2009) Fertilizing the land, lagoons, and sea: A first look at human impacts on the Nile Delta fishery, Egypt

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Reavy, Racheal Taki (2009) A validation study of the Misbehaviors Questionnaire

Rhee, Beau La (2009) “All the world's a stage” (re)familiarizing Shakespeare: A study of “Romeo and Juliet” in the East and the West

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Segala, James J (2009) Interface dosimetry for electronic brachytherapy Xoft Axxent intracavitary breast balloon applicators, and, Fluorescence anisotropy imaging of quantum dots

Shamshak, Gina Louise (2009) Economics of bluefin tuna aquaculture in the United States

Sharma, Narendra (2009) Modeling and experiments in microchannels for the separation and detection of bacteria using antibody -coated filter and quantum dots

Sieberg, Christine Barrett (2009) Therapeutic treatments for children with Recurrent Abdominal Pain: A multiple baseline pilot study

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Sipala, Christine E (2009) Studying the development of word recognition using a pseudoword task

Stamm, Karen E (2009) Stereotype threat and implicit attitudes: Implications for the leaky pipeline of women in science

Steele, George (2009) Scoring silent film: Music/nation/affect

Tillman, Aaron (2009) Magical American Jew: The enigma of difference in contemporary Jewish American short fiction and film

Trandafir, Simona Carmen (2009) A strategic model of investment and price competition among container ports

Voisine, Deanna Rae (2009) The influence of diagnostic labels, gender, and ethnicity on teacher perceptions, expectancies, and attributions: A consideration of closure, acceptance, and stigmatization

Wielt, Dustin Brent (2009) A grounded theory analysis of the Rhode Island community response to The Station nightclub fire disaster

Xiao, Weijun (2009) Design and analysis of high-performance and recoverable data storages

Yablonsky, Richard Michael (2009) Assimilating mesoscale oceanic features and understanding their impact on hurricanes

Yang, Li (2009) The improved electrolyte system for lithium battery

Zhang, Ting (2009) Three essays on corporate pension underfunding, securities valuation and market efficiency

Zhou, Long (2009) Mesoscale variability and Lagrangian statistics in the tropical North Atlantic

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Dissertations from 2008

Agarabi, Cyrus D (2008) The formulation and process development of a novel multiparticulate extended release pharmaceutical delivery platform for a highly water soluble compound

Agarwal, Hitesh Kumar (2008) Design and evaluation of nucleoside derivatives for targeted drug delivery and therapeutic applications

Amale, Amit (2008) New approach to the design and optimization of energy efficient chemical processes

Andrade, Marco S (2008) Exploring the decision -making process of prevention providers in adopting or rejecting a community -level approach to substance abuse prevention

Andres, Magdalena (2008) An observational study of the Kuroshio in the East China Sea: Local, regional, and basin-wide perspectives on a western boundary current

Baker-Yeboah, Sheekela (2008) Sea surface height variability and the structure of eddies in the South Atlantic Cape Basin

Banerjee, Syagnik (2008) Consumer ubiquity or anytime anywhere consumption: Scale development and validation

Bernier, Evan Thomas (2008) Explosive signatures: Pre & post blast

Bierman, Donald Bruce (2008) Short title: Teacher-student epistemological interplay

Blackwell, Deidre Lynn (2008) Silane-based copolymers as chromatographic stationary phases

Blake, Roger Holland (2008) Three essays on success factors for information systems

Borrelli, Mark (2008) Sediment transport in a dynamic, tidally-influenced coastal embayment exemplified by Pleasant Bay and Chatham Harbor, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Chen, Chuen-Song (2008) On -chip current and power measurement techniques for integrated circuits with regulated power

Cohenour, Gretchen M (2008) Eighteenth-century gothic novels and gendered spaces: What's left to say?

Corey, Jonathan (2008) A concurrent validation of the Violence Sensitivity Scale

Coy, Wendy Meredith (2008) Examination of spoT, rpoS and rpoN gene expression in response to fatty acid starvation in Borrelia burgdorferi, the Lyme disease spirochete

Davis, Xujing Jia (2008) Numerical and theoretical investigations of North Pacific subtropical mode water with implications to Pacific climate variability

Deangelis, Julie Ann (2008) To treat or not to treat: The role of antibiotics in the management of community-acquired respiratory tract infections in an ambulatory setting

DiCecco, John (2008) A sequential algorithm for biological event detection using statistical nonstationarity

Dobrot, Gabriela (2008) Forest management in the presence of harvest restrictions around vernal pools: A metaheuristic approach

Doleski, Robert Francis (2008) Design and analysis of lightweight pressure vessels

Eaton, Mary Anne (2008) Effect of varying inclusion levels of linseed oil on growth, fatty acid profile, membrane fluidity and EPA /DHA production in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

Gattupalli, Rajeswar R (2008) Advances in global optimization

Gerry, Shannon Page (2008) Feeding mechanics of a trophic generalist and a specialist shark species: A comparison of diet, behavior and function

Goodwin, Matthew S (2008) Telemetric assessment of stereotypical motor movements in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Heil, Clifford William (2008) Paleo- and environmental magnetic studies of Late Cenozoic estuarine, lacustrine, and terrestrial sediments

Hyun, Karen Hae-Myung (2008) Ecosystem-based management in the Colorado River Delta

Jha, Ashish Kumar (2008) Microstructure studies in synthetic and bio-colloids, imaging and applications

Jones, Hilary Brooke (2008) How do you stop the boogeyman? An evaluation of a sexual assault prevention program

Kilgallen, Christina (2008) School psychologists' readiness to implement response to intervention practices

Kresge, Daniel Lee (2008) An examination of the relationships between the peptide hormone ghrelin and appetite, plasma biomarkers of satiety and metabolic response in humans

Kuhn-Hines, Anne (2008) A multiscale approach to breeding habitat model development and evaluation for the common loon, Gavia immer, in New Hampshire, USA

Lennon, Mark Michael (2008) Monetizing mobile factors involved in development of mobile commerce: Korea, China, Japan

Li, Yuyuan (2008) Study on the nonenzymatic glycation of nucleosides/nucleotides and proteins with sugars: An in vitro investigation of advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs) formation

Matsuura, Asako C (2008) Interpersonal and psychosexual factors predicting HIV -related risky sex behaviors in heterosexually active women and men

Moran, Jesse Stuart (2008) The synthesis, reduction, and decomposition of novel high-nitrogen bis s-triazinyl hydrazines and diazenes

Nie, Junsheng (2008) The magnetic susceptibility record of the Chinese red-clay sequence: Enhancement mechanisms, temporal variation, and its relationship to orbital and tectonic forcing

Niestepski, Michelle (2008) Grammatical errors: Perceptions and responses of students, first -year composition instructors, and business communication instructors

Ozcan, Timucin (2008) Involuntary switching behavior in restricted decision environments: Consumer responses to stockouts

Park, Kyungwon (2008) Optimization of aggregate gradation for high-performing Hot Mix Asphalt

Pees, Edward H (2008) An efficient Fourier transform based method for computing backscattering from arbitrarily shaped born objects

Potter, Geoffrey G (2008) Statistically interacting quantum gases in D dimensions

Pounds, Karen Vincent (2008) Client nurse interactions with schizophrenic clients: A descriptive study

Prendergast, Patrick (2008) Essays on Measuring Dynamic Community Responses to Environmental Events

Reynolds, Claire E (2008) Speaking out: Class, race, and gender in the writings of Ruth McEnery Stuart, Edith Summers Kelley, and Harriette Simpson Arnow

Ritz, Susan Faye (2008) Coping with everyday classism: Experiences of low -income people in a southeastern rural community

Rojas, Diego Valderrama (2008) An examination of price in the economic management of marine resources: Three empirical essays

Saffert, Heather L (2008) Evaluation of a novel autonomous detector for microbial water quality monitoring

Sandoval, Sergio (2008) Tandem conjugate addition—Cyclization reactions of L-methyl prolinate with α,β-unsaturated ketones catalyzed by L-proline

Sarkar, Jayashri (2008) Templated synthesis for highly ordered metal/support nanocomposite materials with catalytic applications

Schweizer, Frederick (2008) Queen Elizabeth I and Shakespeare: Image of gender, power, and sexuality

Shen, Haiwei (2008) A study of formaldehyde sources in air

Sherman, Kimberly (2008) Classroom-based empathy training: An evaluation of program effects in an elementary school

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Smith, Tara J (2008) The effect of teacher attitudes on response to professional development in literacy

Socha, Aaron Martin (2008) Chemistry of antibiotics from Atlantic Actinomycete and Bacillus bacteria

Stein, Nathan (2008) An integration of statistical approaches to help understand coalition effectiveness

Stephan, Catherine (2008) The relationship between self -efficacy and decisional balance for stress management and exercise behavior in an adolescent population: A cross -lagged panel analysis

Ugaonkar, Shweta (2008) Investigation of the release of carbamazepine from polyvinyl pyrrolidone matrices processed using near-critical and super critical carbon dioxide

Uttley, Clarissa M (2008) Multicultural awareness in college freshmen: An examination of measures and interventions

Wells, David F (2008) Experimental and computational study of the detection and stability of polymorphs using PXRD, DSC and solubility

Wu, Jinfang (2008) Alzheimer's disease (AD) like pathology following developmental lead exposure in primates and the role of aging in AD-related genes regulation in rodents and primates

Xiao, Ang (2008) Power fade in lithium ion batteries: Effect of advanced electrolyte

Xu, Cuichun (2008) Statistical processing of radar, sonar, and optical signals

Yang, Yafei (2008) Trust establishment in computer networks: Theories and applications

Yao, Lan (2008) Fabrication, characterization and application of the novel bionanomaterials

Ye, Guofeng (2008) Applications of linear and cyclic peptides as enzyme inhibitors and molecular transporters

Zhou, Yuyu (2008) High spatial resolution remote sensing for improved hydrologic modeling

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Dissertations from 2007

Bellman, Natalie K (2007) Latino clients' perspectives on mental health services provided at a local community health center

Bhavaraju, Sitaram (2007) Study of nucleophilicity of an enol tosylate fragment of α-formylglycine (α-FGly-OTs)

Blasdell, Nancy Diane (2007) Acute myocardial infarction: A descriptive study of the experience

Brand, Nancy Hancock (2007) Psychologists' approaches to evaluating client progress in psychotherapy practice

Bridges, Ana Julia (2007) Romantic couples and partner use of sexually explicit material: The mediating role of cognitions for dyadic and sexual satisfaction

Bujoreanu, I. Simona (2007) Developmental and neuropsychological perspectives on the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test in normal children

Burns, Emily (2007) Composition and depositional processes of Cretaceous -Tertiary impact deposits in Belize and southeastern Mexico

Capone, Christy (2007) An examination of familial alcoholism and attitudes toward alcohol interventions among college students

Chalykoff, Geraldine M (2007) Self -disclosure and self -management in young adults with early-onset adult type 2 diabetes

Checko, Erica Rose (2007) Personal motivation, body image, health behavior and stage of exercising

Costello, Joanne Fawcett (2007) Roles and strategies of nurses facilitating diabetes support groups: An exploratory study

Das, Chhandita (2007) Investigating ways to improve discrete choice methods in assessing individual preference functions with greater reliability and accuracy

DePiero, Deborah Lucia (2007) An empirical study of students' expectations of writing centers

Desai, Dipen (2007) Solid -state plasticizers for melt extrusion

Dingari, Narahara C (2007) Characterization of electromigration in semiconductor device interconnects using microscopic techniques

Donahue, Michael J (2007) Polymorph characterization and control

Du, Ying (2007) Fabrication and characterization of particulate polymer nanocomposites

Dye, Gabriela (2007) Stage profiles and predictors of exercise in a multiple risk sample

Fan, Yalin (2007) Effects of surface waves on air -sea momentum and energy fluxes and ocean response to hurricanes

Femia, Lisa A (2007) Analyses of parent and teacher responses on the Stress Survey Schedule for children with autism spectrum disorders

Ferrelli, Lisa A (2007) Managed chaos: An ethnographic study of special education teacher practice

Francione, Caren Leigh (2007) Examining the psychological correlates of binge eating disorder symptomatology in a morbidly obese presurgical sample

Fulweiler, Robinson Walter (2007) The impact of climate change on benthic-pelagic coupling and the biogeochemical cycling of Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island

Hassanzadeh Mostafai, Pejman (2007) Rescheduling point determination in dynamic FMS using a flexiblility metric methodology

Hoeppner, Bettina B (2007) Longitudinal methods for randomized clinical trials in health behavior change research

Hunter, Susan M (2007) Living with traumatic spinal cord injury

Jiang, Yong (2007) Three essays on conservation-oriented community land use management

Judge, Kevin D (2007) Decision making in spectroscopy

Kim, Tae-Goun (2007) Managing marine resource use conflicts: Marine sand mining in Korea

Klock, Julia Cathy (2007) Rapid whole-body hypothermia: Analysis and modeling

Krebs, Paul M (2007) Computerized, tailored, theory-based interventions for health behavior change: A comprehensive meta -analysis

Kretchman, Daniel (2007) Incremental validity: Impact on decision making in schools

Lebeau, Rebecca (2007) Marijuana abuse in incarcerated adolescents: Reasons for use and implications for treatment

Lee, John Won (2007) An examination of the effectiveness of community -based participatory research projects in producing intended health outcomes

Marchand, Stephanie Milbradt (2007) Disordered eating behaviors among collegiate athletes

Matthews, Elizabeth (2007) Community-based and collaborative management of coral reefs and coastal resources in Palau

McCandless, Camilla Thomas (2007) Juvenile abundance in a summer nursery and ontogenetic changes in the distribution and migrations of sandbar sharks

McGurer, Melinda Dalrymple (2007) Optimizing waiting measures in flow-shops

McPhillips, Kenneth J (2007) Far field shallow water horizontal wave number estimation given a linear towed array using fast maximum likelihood, matrix pencil and subspace fitting techniques

Medeiros, Eileen (2007) Public writing inside and outside the classroom: A comparative analysis of activist rhetorics

Mena, Jasmine A (2007) Parental involvement as predictor of 9th grade Latino students' intention to complete high school mediated by student school beliefs after a one year follow-up

Mendonza, Anisha E (2007) Strategies for the optimization of immunotherapy in kidney transplantation

Meshreki, Lotus Makram (2007) Religiosity, health, and well-being among Middle Eastern/Arab Muslims and Christians in the USA: A study of positive emotion as a mediator

Miller, Robin June (2007) Stability, structure, and effects of perinatal morbidity on temperament from infancy to adolescence

Mitchell, Sally A (2007) Examining the effectiveness of a school-based mental health center's services

Mowerman, Illya (2007) Data mining in the health care industry

Murray, John Condon (2007) Speech and power negotiations in industrial novels from 1849 to 1866

Nam, Jong-Oh (2007) Korean fisheries: Policies, stock assessment and compliance issues

Nora, Julie (2007) Student engagement in a 7th/8th grade social studies, ESL classroom

Oliver, Jason D (2007) Increasing the adoption of environmentally friendly products: Who are the non -adopters, and what will get them to buy green?

O'Regan, Matthew Aaron (2007) A Cenozoic history of the central Arctic Ocean

O'Reilly Foran, Megan (2007) Representational status of minority students in special education in the state of Rhode Island

Osborne, Deborah J (2007) Experimental and computational study of interphase properties and mechanics in titanium metal matrix composites at elevated temperatures

Pastille, Catherine L (2007) Personal energy management styles and their influence on work performance

Pinto, Silas Otniel Rodrigues (2007) The cross -generational influence of parental authority and acculturation on parenting of Cape Verdean immigrants

Ren, Tiegeng (2007) Graph coloring algorithms for TDMA scheduling in wireless sensor networks

Rollins, Ivy E (2007) Using spelling performance to study literacy acquisition in English for Spanish -speaking students in the seventh grade

Salgado, Dawn M (2007) An examination of risk and resiliency factors in predicting recidivism rates among incarcerated women

Sims, Kimberly A (2007) Modernism's nervous genre: The diaries of Woolf, James, and Sassoon

Smith, Susan B (2007) Patterns of fuel use and storage in songbirds in relation to diet composition and food availability during migration

Sullivan, Lindsay J (2007) Feeding ecology of the ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi A. Agassiz (Ctenophora, Lobata)

Tekalur, Srinivasan Arjun (2007) Failure of marine composite materials due to blast loading

Tiner, Gary F (2007) On the Erdős-Sós conjecture

Whipple, Diane L (2007) Effectiveness of social competence promotion on disruptive behavior: A quantitative review

White, Andrew William (2007) Frequent use of psychiatric emergency services: A multilevel approach

White, Patricia A (2007) Exploration of nurse practitioner practice with clients who are grieving

Wood, Anthony Darrell (2007) Population dynamics of the shortfin mako, Isurus oxyrinchus, in the northwest Atlantic: An examination of food habits, movement and habitat, survival, and population size

Wormald, Clare Louise (2007) Effects of density and habitat structure on growth and survival of harvested coral reef fishes

Zhang, Liqun (2007) Physical and mechanical properties of model asphalt systems calculated using molecular simulation

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Dissertations from 2006

Almesallmy, Mohammed (2006) Experimental and analytical investigation of inertial propulsion mechanisms and motion simulation of rigid multi-body mechanical systems

Ashley, Christy (2006) Information processing in consumer relationships: The effect of emotional commitment

Ayrapetov, Marina (2006) Structural and functional studies of the Csk and *Src family protein tyrosine kinases

Barak, Boaz (2006) Consideration for the impact of climate change information on stated preferences

Black, Amy (2006) Objectification or liberation? Bisexual and lesbian women's experiences with physical appearance

Borges, Vladia (2006) The incorporation of communicative language teaching into the elaboration of interactive software for ESL /EFL learning

Bradshaw, Aaron S (2006) Liquefaction potential of non-plastic silts

Brooks, Kelly (2006) Sexual identity construction among lesbian, bisexual and unlabeled women

Burns, William (2006) Space-people-language: A grounded theory of a place-based pedagogy in a first year writing class

Cahill, Bronwyn Elizabeth (2006) A regional comparison between the seasonal cycles of the Western Irish Shelf and the Georges Bank, Gulf of Maine ecosystems: The impact of physical variability

Cai, Hong (2006) Microbiologically influenced corrosion and titanate conversion coatings on aluminum alloy 2024 -T3

Cantwell, Mark G (2006) Mobility and fate of contaminants in estuarine environments

Conners, Erica E (2006) Social capital and the intent to graduate among Black and Hispanic high school students

Cooper-Nicols, Marjorie (2006) Exploring the experiences of gay, lesbian, and bisexual adolescents in school: Lessons for school psychologists

Damrad, Anne E (2006) Evaluating a parent training program: Scale analysis and the effects of Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) on child and parent behavior

Diedrich, Amy (2006) Assessment of the impacts of tourism development in coastal communities in Belize

Dombroski, Janet K (2006) Exercise behavior among women post-myocardial infarction: Applying the transtheoretical model of behavior change

Dong, Rumei (2006) Modeling of the cardiovascular system with integrated finite element and electrical analog methods

Ernst, Catherine (2006) High school teachers' *attitudes toward inclusion of students with special needs

Frank, Heather M (2006) Evaluating the effectiveness of an anger management program in a detention facility

Gormley, Mary V (2006) Discourse on diversity: A qualitative study of a college communication course in multiculturalism

Hagstrom, Kate (2006) Particle dynamics and shelf -basin interactions in the western Arctic Ocean investigated using radiochemical tracers

Harris, Lora Anna (2006) The virtual eelgrass meadow: A simulation of Zostera marina L. linking physiology to population level processes

Hays, Elaine (2006) The genres of tutor training: Searching for reflective practice

Hedrick, Molly Ann (2006) Self, other and the sociopolitical in politically active women survivors of domestic violence

Hubeny, Jeremiah Bradford (2006) Late Holocene climate variability as preserved in high-resolution estuarine and lacustrine sediment archives

Hyde, Kimberly Joy Whitman (2006) Interannual and seasonal phytoplankton variability in Massachusetts Bay from remote and in situ measurements

Kasturi, Prasan (2006) A CAD tool for analog and mixed signal CMOS circuits

Kramer, David Scott (2006) The rhetorical war: Class, race and redemption in Spanish -American War fiction. Stephen Crane, Frank Norris, Richard Harding Davis and Sutton Griggs

Kukulka, Tobias (2006) The effect of breaking waves on a coupled model of wind and ocean surface waves

Kwon, Suk-Jae (2006) Noise externalities: A hybrid model to assess effects and management with application to transportation issues in Rhode Island

Kyper, Eric (2006) An information criterion for use in predictive data mining

Lasunon, On-Uma (2006) Capabilities and economical evaluation of rapid prototyping processes for sheet metal parts

Li, Wentao (2006) An investigation of thermal stabilizing additives and interactions between electrolytes and electrodes in lithium ion batteries

Lockwood, Lea Beth (2006) Enhancing hardiness in urban adolescent males: A hardiness curriculum

Lomas-Neira, Joanne (2006) The contributions of murine KC and MIP-2 in hemorrhage induced neutrophil priming for acute lung injury following subsequent septic challenge

Magnusson, Gisele Marie (2006) Economic -ecological relationships in coastal wetland restoration

Malley, David D (2006) “Man with Box”

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Zhu, Weijia (2006) A new instrumentation for particle velocity and velocity related measurements under water

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Dissertations from 2005

Bakheet, Saleh Abdulrahman (2005) Identification of Oct-2 as a mediator of lead neurotoxicity

Bang, Jounghae (2005) Understanding customer relationship management from managers' and customers' perspective: Exploring the implications of CRM fit, market orientation, and market knowledge competence

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Dissertations from 2004

Aflague, John M (2004) Suicide assessment by psychiatric mental health nurses: A phenomenographic study

Agarwal, Vivek (2004) Microstructure studies in surfactant systems

Allen, James H (2004) Regulation of cra, a regulatory gene of glycolytic and gluconeogenic pathways in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium

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Gabriel, Joseph R (2004) Invariant hypothesis testing with applications in signal processing

Gauger, Eric Joseph (2004) Management of flounder Infectious Necrotizing Enteritis (FINE) in cultured juvenile summer flounder

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Yong, Lynne Ee Lin (2004) Resilience in ex -refugees from Cambodia and Vietnam

You, Tao (2004) Preparation and characterization of ceramic sensors for use at elevated temperatures

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Dissertations from 2003

Abughosh, Susan M (2003) Drug benefit plans for elderly under managed care and utilization of lipid lowering agents

Adams, Candace (2003) Relationship of early intervention service coordination model to quality of transition and family empowerment

Al-Sultan, Muhammed S (2003) Using the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) to assess antibiotic utilization in acute respiratory tract infections

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Nakao, Megumi (2003) Dynamic games and competition for water resources

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Norberg, Patricia A (2003) Managed profiles: The value of personal information in commercial exchange

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Sousa, Kenneth J (2003) Factors influencing the adoption of electronic business in the purchasing activities within a business organization using an extended technology acceptance model

Staroscik, Andrew M (2003) Bacterioplankton seasonal dynamics in Narragansett Bay

Tamse, Catherine T (2003) Intracellular dynamics of lead and calcium in lead-exposed cultured neurons of Aplysia californica (Mollusca: Opisthobranchia)

Taylor, David Lenox (2003) Predation on the early life history stages of winter flounder (Pseudopleuronectes americanus) by the sand shrimp (Crangon septemspinosa)

Uhnak, Kenneth Stephen (2003) Micropropagation of carnivorous plants

Wang, Yadong (2003) Representing signals using only timing information and feature extraction for automatic speech recognition

Ward, John A (2003) Development and validation of transtheoretical measures for college student spiritual expression

Webb, Howarlene Sabrina (2003) Testing of an intervention to decrease certified nursing assistant (CNA) turnover in a nursing home

Weinstein, Sarah Elizabeth (2003) Sources, transport, and fates of particulate trace metals in the Gulf of Maine-Scotian Shelf and Labrador Sea

White, Steven Lee (2003) Predictors for readiness to engage in low -risk HIV behaviors in men who have sex with men

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Zhang, Xinfeng (2003) Nonenzymatic formation of advanced glycation endproducts by glucosamine autocondensation and glucosamine with proteins

Zhao, Miao (2003) Attribute -level interactivity, satisfaction, and loyalty in the online environment

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Dissertations from 2002

Achanta, Anand Shashidhar (2002) Rational approaches to the regulation of nonprescription medicines

Adamowicz, Susan C (2002) New England salt marsh pools: Analysis of geomorphic and geographic parameters, macrophyte distribution, and nekton use

Alves, Steve Louis (2002) An examination of collaborative practice in anesthesia care team settings and occupational stress in nurse anesthetists

Barton-Burke, Margaret (2002) Breast cancer experiences: Women's reflections years after diagnosis

Benz, Marcel (2002) The fundamental study of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and its application in a pyroelectric IR sensor device

Bintz, Joanne C (2002) The ecology and morphology of eelgrass (Zostera marina L.) and its associated macrophyte community in relation to environmental variables

Borkman, David Gerald (2002) Analysis and simulation of Skeletonema costatum (Grev.) Cleve annual abundance patterns in lower Narragansett Bay 1959 to 1996

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Brush, Mark James (2002) Development of a numerical model for shallow marine ecosystems with application to Greenwich Bay, Rhode Island

Cannon, Gerardine (2002) A study of the relation between reading achievement and less-than-proficient urban adolescent readers' world view of reading

Capalbo, Linda Greene (2002) Peer group instructional conversation: Collaboration in context

Chang, Wonil (2002) Influence of turbulent transport and chemistry on the distributions of hydrogen peroxide, methyl peroxide and formaldehyde in the remote marine boundary layer

Cheng, Meng (2002) New one-dimensional ruthenium polymers

Chiang, Kuan-Pin (2002) Why all clicks are not created equal: Consumer information search in the Web-based marketspace

Collis, Leon Paul (2002) Regulation and mechanisms of excitation -contraction coupling in the ventricular myocardium of the surf clam, Spisula solidissima

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Curtin, Alicia J (2002) An exploratory study of the effects of a training program on the ability to prepare a breakfast meal by clients with mild Alzheimer's disease

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Frolov, Sergey Alexander (2002) A numerical study of Gulf Stream meandering and associated physical processes

Gable, Frank Joseph (2002) The science/policy of the contemporary coastal challenge of vulnerability from climate change on sustainable tourism: An assessment of the wider Caribbean

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Dissertations from 2001

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Dissertations from 2000

Ackley, Margaret Anne (2000) Development and initial validation of a structured interview for the detection of malingered mild head injury

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Dissertations from 1999

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Dissertations from 1998

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Dissertations from 1997

Adamowicz, Catherine (1997) Indicated silences in American novels

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Dissertations from 1996

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Dissertations from 1995

Adler, Gabriela Schalow (1995) Our beloved Lizzie: Constructing an American legend

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Dissertations from 1994

Almagno, Stephanie A (1994) An NEH Fellowship examined: Social networks and composition history

Aspel, Andrew David (1994) Individual versus multidisciplinary team decision-making

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Dissertations from 1993

Bellis, Jeffrey Mark (1993) The transtheoretical model of change applied to psychotherapy: A psychometric assessment of related instruments

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Dissertations from 1992

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Dissertations from 1991

Ashjian, Carin Jessica (1991) The influence of the Gulf Stream on the regional biogeography of zooplankton (Copepods)

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Dissertations from 1990

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Dissertations from 1989

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Dissertations from 1988

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Dissertations from 1987

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Dissertations from 1968


Connors, Tracy Daniel (1968) The Theme of Initiation in the Four Major Novels of Charles Brockden Brown










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Dissertations from 1933

Lou, Chao Mien (1933) A Mathematical Analysis of Inductance Coils to Be Used in Discharge Circuit of Surge Generators