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Civil and Environmental Engineering


An experimental and numerical evaluation on the dynamic compressive response of mortars containing up to 20% waste iron powder as sand replacement is presented in this paper. The dynamic response is evaluated using split Hopkinson pressure bar (SHPB) apparatus under high strain rates (up to 250/s). The elongated iron particulates present in the iron powder-incorporated mortars warrant significantly improved compressive strength and energy absorption capacity at high strain rates. Multiscale numerical simulations are performed with a view to develop a tool that facilitates microstructure-guided design of these particulate-reinforced mortars for efficient dynamic performance. The dynamic compressive response of particulate-reinforced mortars is simulated adopting a numerical approach that incorporates strain rate-dependent damage in a continuum micromechanics framework. The simulated dynamic compressive strengths and energy absorption capacities for mortars with various iron powder content exhibit good correlation with the experimental observations thereby validating the efficacy of the simulation approach.