A pattern for the integration of conceptual models in support of multidisciplinary efforts to develop software

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Conference Proceeding

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Conceptual models are an essential part of research, especially where multidisciplinary teams need multiple models to capture and convey the disciplinary views. Here the authors present a reusable pattern that describes an effective means of operating within a multidisciplinary group to develop software. Patterns for repeatable processes provide savings in time. The quality of resulting products is higher, for the patterns have previously been used and the "bugs" have been "ironed out". Examples here are from an active project in which the authors are developing simulation software for social scientists and security experts to analyze building evacuations. The team is comprised of engineers, computer scientists and social scientists. The paper gives justification for the use of patterns and a description of this process pattern in the context of the evacuation project. The process pattern includes: project description, construct identification, diagramming, construct mapping, spiral model for process iteration, interdisciplinary literacy, and special issues in the software environment.

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Proceedings of the 2005 ASCE International Conference on Computing in Civil Engineering

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