Geotechnical stratigraphy and stress state of nares and madeira abyssal plain clays

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The abyssal plains of the Great Meteor East (GME) at 30-33 °N, 23-26°W and the Southern Nares Abyssal Plain (SNAP) at 22-24°N, 62-65°W have distinctly different sediment stratigraphies and stress states The GME site, with laterally continuous, thick interbedded turbidites, has higher strengths than at the SNAP site, and is normally consolidated to the cored depth of 34 m The sediment hthology and properties in the SNAP site are vertically and laterally more variable, with interbedded fine-grain thin turbidites and pelagic clays Consolidation tests on large-diameter high-quality core samples from the SNAP reveals an 11 m zone of significantly underconsohdated sediment from 9 m to 20 m subbottom The results of stress strain tests are consistent with the hypothesis of underconsohdation in the SNAP site Possible reasons for the underconsohdation are discussed.

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Disposal of Radioactive Waste In Seabed Sediments: Proceedings of an International Conference 1989

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