Long-term contaminant trends at the picillo farm superfund site in Rhode Island

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Environmental disasters, such as the infamous Love Canal site or the Valley of Drums, have taken many years and consumed billions of dollars to investigate and remediate. In consequence, a large amount of geologic and hydrologic information has been gathered over the past few decades. Because of the difficulties involved with compiling this information, scientists and professionals rarely use the data to investigate the unique long-term databases. This article presents for the first time the compilation of chemical fate and transport data from the Picillo Farm Superfund site in Rhode Island. The data cover a quarter of a century worth of geologic, hydrogeologic, and geochemical information and indicate significant changes in the contaminant inventory and the center of mass contaminant location over time. Many of these changes would have been missed if a data set of shorter duration were evaluated. Thus, compiling and evaluating data collected over many years can be extremely valuable in understanding the fate and transport of contaminants and determining the effectiveness of remediation. © 2002 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

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