Site characterization of dredged sediments and evaluation of beneficial uses

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A thorough evaluation of potential beneficial uses of dredged sediments is increasingly important for large dredging projects. This paper presents the results of a field and laboratory testing program to characterize sediments and evaluate beneficial use options for the redevelopment of a former naval base in Rhode Island. A combination of sidescan and subbottom acoustic profiling, gravity coring, and vibracoring provided an efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional drilling and sampling site investigation techniques. The sediments at this site consisted of organic silts, clayey silts, and silty sands. Building debris from the site was blended with the silty sand to meet common borrow specifications. The clayey silt was stabilized with lime for use as structural fill and hydraulic conductivity tests on compacted specimens of untreated clayey silt were also performed. The results suggest that the clayey silts may be used as a capping material for brownfields remediation or landfills.

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Geotechnical Special Publication