Submissions from 2021

Are the Effects of Legitimacy and Its Components Invariant? Operationalization and the Generality of Sunshine and Tyler’s Empowerment Hypothesis, Bryanna Fox, Richard K. Moule, Chae M. Jaynes, and Megan M. Parry

Submissions from 2020

Assessing LGBT People’s Perceptions of Police Legitimacy, Lisa M. Dario, Henry F. Fradella, Megan Verhagen, and Megan M. Parry

Opening the Black Box of Solitary Confinement Through Researcher–Practitioner Collaboration: A Longitudinal Analysis of Prisoner and Solitary Populations in Washington state, 2002–2017, David Lovell, R. Tublitz, K. Reiter, K. Chesnut, and N. Pifer

Psychological Distress in Solitary Confinement: Symptoms, Severity, and Prevalence in the United States, 2017-2018, Keramet Reiter, Joseph Ventura, David Lovell, Dallas Augustine, Melissa Barragan, Thomas Blair, Kelsie Chesnut, Pasha Dashtgard, Gabriela Gonzalez, Natalie Pifer, and Justin Strong


The Body in Isolation: The Physical Health Impacts of Incarceration in Solitary Confinement, Justin D. Strong, Keramet Reiter, Gabriela Gonzalez, Rebecca Tublitz, Dallas Augustine, Melissa Barragan, Kelsie Chesnut, Pasha Dashtgard, Natalie Pifer, and Thomas R. Blair

Submissions from 2019

Legal socialization and subcultural norms: Examining linkages between perceptions of procedural justice, legal cynicism, and the code of the street, Richard K. Moule, George W. Burruss, Faith E. Gifford, Megan M. Parry, and Bryanna Fox

Assessing the Direct and Indirect Effects of Legitimacy on Public Empowerment of Police: A Study of Public Support for Police Militarization in America, Richard K. Moule, George W. Burruss, Megan M. Parry, and Bryanna Fox

The Long Shadow of Ferguson: Legitimacy, Legal Cynicism, and Public Perceptions of Police Militarization, Richard K. Moule, Bryanna Hahn Fox, and Megan M. Parry

Legal socialization and selective exposure to “cop-watching” websites, Richard K. Moule, Megan M. Parry, and Bryanna Fox

Public support for police use of SWAT: examining the relevance of legitimacy, Richard K. Moule, Megan M. Parry, and Bryanna Fox

Is Seeing believing?:On the Content Validity of Video Recordings for Use in Criminological Research, Megan M. Parry, Lisa M. Dario, and Richard K. Moule

Technology-Mediated Exposure to Police–Citizen Encounters: A Quasi-Experimental Assessment of Consequences for Citizen Perceptions, Megan M. Parry, Richard K. Moule, and Lisa M. Dario

Policing the mentally ill in Los Angeles on the frontlines of transinstitutionalization, Natalie A. Pifer

Submissions from 2018

Categorically complex: A latent class analysis of public perceptions of police militarization, Bryanna Fox, Richard K. Moule, and Megan M. Parry

Submissions from 2017

Prohibited possessors and the law: How inmates in Los Angeles jails understand firearm and ammunition regulations, Melissa Barragan, Kelsie Y. Chesnut, Jason Gravel, Natalie A. Pifer, Keramet Reiter, Nicole Sherman, and George Tita

Submissions from 2014

Out of Place: Racial Stereotypes and the Ecology of Frisks and Searches Following Traffic Stops, Leo Carroll and M. Lilliana Gonzalez

Submissions from 2008

Racial Desegregation in Prisons, Chad R. Trulson, James W. Marquart, Craig Hemmens, and Leo Carroll

Submissions from 2005

Lawful order: A case study of correctional crisis and reform, Leo Carroll

Submissions from 2001

The use of incarceration in the United States, James Austin, Marino A. Bruce, Leo Carroll, Patricia L. Mccall, and Stephen C. Richards

Submissions from 2000

Race, rights, and order in Prison: A national survey of wardens on the racial integration of prison cells, Martha L. Henderson, Francis T. Cullen, Leo Carroll, and William Feinberg

Submissions from 1998

Terminating a prison conditions suit: A case study of Palmigiano V. Garrahy, Leo Carroll

Separate and unequal: Prison versus Free-World Medical Care, Michael S. Vaughn and Leo Carroll

Separate and unequal: Prison versus free-world medical care*, Michael S. Vaughn and Leo Carroll

Submissions from 1997

Health condition and prisoners: A review of research and emerging areas of inquiry, James W. Marquart, Dorothy E. Merianos, Jaimie L. Hebert, and Leo Carroll

Submissions from 1996

Thinking about the relationship between health dynamics in the free community and the prison, James W. Marquart, Dorothy E. Merianos, Steven J. Cuvelier, and Leo Carroll

Submissions from 1995

Alcohol use and risky sex among college students., J. L. Carroll and L. M. Carroll

Submissions from 1993

Ceremonial Justice, Loose Coupling, and the War on Drugs in Texas, 1980-1989, James W. Marquart, Madhava Bodapati, Steven J. Cuvelier, and Leo Carroll

Submissions from 1991

Gender, knowledge about aids, reported behavioral change, and the sexual behavior of college students, Leo Carroll

Submissions from 1985

Racial composition, sentencing reforms, and rates of incarceration, 1970-1980, Leo Carroll and Claire P. Cornell

Submissions from 1983

U.S. Social Structure and Imprisonment: A Comment, LEO CARROLL and MARY BETH DOUBET

Inequality, Opportunity, and Crime Rates in Central Cities, LEO CARROLL and Pamela Irving JACKSON

Submissions from 1982

Minority composition, inequality and the growth of municipal police forces, 1960-71, Leo Carroll and Pamela Irving Jackson

Submissions from 1977

Humanitarian reform and biracial sexual assault in a maximum security prison, Leo Carroll