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The aim of this study is to identify replicable cluster subtypes within the precontemplation stage of change for sun protection. Secondary data analysis of baseline data from a sample of participants in a home-based expert system intervention was performed. Three random samples were selected from participants in the precontemplation stage (N = 570). Cluster analyses were performed using the scales of pros, cons, and self-efficacy. Interpretability of pattern, pseudo F-test, and dendograms were used to determine the number of clusters. A four-cluster solution replicated across subsamples. Significant differences between clusters on the nine processes of change and on behavioral measures were found. Cluster solutions were robust, interpretable and with good initial external validity. They replicated patterns found for other behaviors, demonstrating long-term predictability and providing basis for tailored interventions.


Marimer Santiago-Rivas and Andrea L. Paiva are from the Department of Psychology.

Wayne F. Velicer, Colleen Redding and James O. Prochaska are from the Cancer Prevention Research Center.



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