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Communication Studies


We are living in a globalizing society. The development of communication and transportation technology has shrunk the world, in which the global interdependence for people and cultures becomes a norm of life. As a result, the increasing frequency of face-to-face interaction among people from different cultural, ethnic, social, and religious backgrounds demands that we develop intercultural/global communication competence, by which we know how to see things through the eyes of others and add their knowledge to our personal repertoires. In other words, only through global communication competence can people from different backgrounds communicate effectively and successfully in the globalizing society. Therefore, global communication competence becomes a critical ability for adjusting people to the demand of the 21st century. This paper attempts to delineate a model of global communication competence, which consists of four dimensions: developing the global mindset, unfolding the self, mapping the culture, and aligning the interaction. [China Media Research. 2005;1(1):3-11].