Multiplexed fluorospot for the analysis of dengue virus- And zika virus-specific and cross-reactive memory B cells

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Dengue virus (DENV) and Zika virus (ZIKV) are mosquito-borne pathogens that have a significant impact on human health. Immune sera, mAbs, and memory B cells (MBCs) isolated from patients infected with one DENV type can be cross-reactive with the other three DENV serotypes and even more distantly related flaviviruses such as ZIKV. Conventional ELISPOTs effectively measure Ab-secreting B cells but because they are limited to the assessment of a single Ag at a time, it is challenging to distinguish serotype-specific and cross-reactive MBCs in the same well. We developed a novel multifunction FluoroSpot assay using fluorescently labeled DENV and ZIKV (FLVs) that measures the cross-reactivity of Abs secreted by single B cells. Conjugation efficiency and recognition of FLVs by virus-specific Abs were confirmed by flow cytometry. Using a panel of DENV immune, ZIKV immune, and naive PBMC, FLVs were able to simultaneously detect DENV serotype-specific, ZIKV-specific, DENV serotype cross-reactive, and DENV/ZIKV cross-reactive Abs secreted by individual MBCs. Our findings indicate that the FLVs are sensitive and specific tools to detect specific and cross-reactive MBCs. These reagents will allow the assessment of the breadth as well as the durability of DENV/ZIKV B cell responses following vaccination or natural infection. This novel approach using FLVs in a FluoroSpot assay can be applied to other diseases such as influenza in which prior immunity with homosubtype- or heterosubtype-specific MBCs may influence subsequent infections. The Journ Al of Immunology, 2018, 201: 3804-3814.

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