Computer-vision determination of 3-D geometric parameters of LDL particles via cryogenic transmission electron microscopy

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Previous research has shown that the size of the LDL macromolecules can have an effect on cardiovascular health and that LDL macromolecules may be non-spherical in shape. Some of these studies, however, used methods that are not conducive to automatic determination of the 3-D parameters of the particles. In particular, the prior methods used for determination of geometric-parameter determination were either centrifugal separations or manual determination of parameters from cryogenic transmission electron micrographs. An application of computer-vision techniques to automatically determine the 3-D parameters from cryogenic transmission electron microscopy (CTEM) images will be described. Correlation of computer-generated geometric models to the orthonormal projection CTEM imagery were investigated to determine the applicability of finding the pertinent geometric parameters of the expected discoid shape of the LDL particles. The processing showed that the discoid shape can be verified using small-angle rotations that are more amenable to the limitations of CTEM imaging. © Copyright 2007 Society for Information Display.

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