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A newly synthesized electrolyte additive, lithium trifluoro(cyano) borate (LiBF3CN), has been investigated for electrochemical performance improvement of lithium metal batteries. The LiBF3CN has a structure where one fluorine atom of BF4 is substituted with a cyano group (−CN) prepared by the reaction of boron trifluoride etherate with lithium cyanide. The electrochemical performance in symmetric Li/Li cells and NCM523/Li cells is significantly improved upon the incorporation of LiBF3CN as an electrolyte additive into a carbonate-based electrolyte. Extensive characterization of the deposited lithium metal reveals that a thin (≈20 nm) and robust SEI composed of LiNxOy, Li3N and Li2O is formed by the reductive decomposition of the LiBF3CN additive, which plays an important role in decreasing the resistance and stabilizing lithium deposition/stripping. The insight into the substitution effect of a functional group obtained from this work provides guidance for the design of new electrolyte additives.

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Journal of The Electrochemical Society





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