Development of non-flammable electrolytes for lithium ion batteries

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We have developed novel non-flammable high voltage electrolytes for lithium ion batteries. The optimized electrolytes are composed of LiPF6 in a mixture of carbonate solvents with added dimethylmethyl phosphonate (DMMP) as a flame retarding co-solvent and lithium bisoxalatoborate (LiBOB) as an anode film forming additive. This novel electrolyte has comparable cycling efficiency to the current state-of-art electrolytes for lithium ion batteries, but is non-flammable. In addition, the incorporation of cathode film forming additives designed to sacrificially react on the surface of cathode materials of lithium ion batteries has been investigated. The cathode film forming additives improved the performance of lithium ion cells cycled to high voltage (4.9 V vs Li). Electrochemical cycling, impedance spectroscopy, and ex-situ surface analysis of the cycled electrodes will be presented.

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ACS National Meeting Book of Abstracts

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