The Nitridation of Thick Germanium Oxide Films on Single-Crystal Germanium

E. E. Crisman, Brown University


The far-infrared (FIR) transmission properties and index of refraction of thick (~ 2000 Å) vitreous germanium oxide films on single-crystal germanium have been measured before and after high temperature reaction with flowing ammonia gas. Significant shifts in the transmission spectra were observed as a function of both time at temperature and NH3flow rate. Correlation was observed with transmission minima reported in the literature for fine powders of germanium nitride and for thin (<1000Å) layers of ion-implanted and annealed germanium/oxygen and germanium/nitrogen complexes. In addition, when the nitrided films were reoxidized at high pressure, structure was observed which corresponded to FIR transmission of hexagonal-phase GeO2powder specimens. © 1984, The Electrochemical Society, Inc. All rights reserved.