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This is Joseph Santiago and Dana proposal application for 2012/2013 Innovative Approaches Using Technology to Advance the Student Experience.

Dana and Joseph are establishing the Community Voices Committee to showcase diversity and community at URI to go beyond traditional internet sharing of information and reach approximately one million potential television viewers in Rhode Island with the many original programs, speakers, and talent (faculty, staff, guest speakers) that go on here every day. The committee will take on topics from the URI community with potential to be utilized in the classroom to entertain, educate, and raise awareness while providing promotion of diversity issues that link people back to the many services and programs available at URI. In establishing this program and committee, we seek to encourage a participatory culture through which everyone can share their works, thoughts, and expressions of self in order to interact on a more global scale. This initiative has the potential to engage current and future students to become more involved with the URI community and further connect through shared visions and experiences once they get here.


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