A software platform for enhancing integrity in online testing

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This chapter describes a software platform that is designed to facilitate the integrity of Web-based exams and assessments. The purpose of the chapter is to share the success of the approach and to promote its further development and use in the e-learning environment. The custom software application, which is named eTAP (electronic Test Administration Platform), has been developed by the author for use in his own courses and is designed in response to his perceived needs in this setting. In addition to e-cheating mitigation, the software addresses the issues of real-time attendance monitoring and activity logging, while providing a well-structured, consistent experience for the students and for the instructor. The assessment platform provided by eTAP uses a software sandbox mechanism to control the examination process. That is, once the application is started, the examinee is limited to specific sanctioned computer functionality and is restricted to a well-defined, relevant region of the Web.

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Pedagogical Considerations and Opportunities for Teaching and Learning on the Web