Feasibility study on the utilization of sea water resources for green olympic blue ice rink

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This paper discusses the feasibility of employing seawater-based initiatives to save fossil fuel energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions in one of venues - "Green Olympic Blue Ice (GOBI) rink"- of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Seawater will be employed to freeze the ice rink and provide air-conditioning. Seawater-based conditioning systems will save more than 60% of the required energy and 84% of the energy costs; further CO2 emissions will be reduced by approximately 69%. Geo-ocean thermal energy conversion can be used to supply the required electric power, and zero carbon emissions can also be realized by creating underwater seaweed forests. © 2012 by International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers.

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Proceedings of the 10th (2012) ISOPE Pacific/Asia Offshore Mechanics Symposium, PACOMS 2012

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