Understanding important hotel attributes from the consumer perspective over time

Sungha Jang, University of Rhode Island
Tian Liu, Kansas State University
Ji Hye Kang, University of Rhode Island
Huichen Yang, Kansas State University


Consumers consider various product attributes when they evaluate products. Researchers and practitioners have used multi-attribute models to understand which product attributes are important for consumers. However, in those models, product attributes are limited and are determined by researchers at the time of the inquiry. In this study, using a longitudinal study of hotel reviews over 6 years, the top 30 important hotel attributes from the perspective of consumers are identified and examined as to how the importance of these hotel attributes has changed over time. Our findings show that staff is the most important attribute with a positive effect on ratings at all times and that other attributes show consistent positive (negative) effects with small changes of importance over the years. Our study provides managerial implications of what attributes hotel managers need to maintain or improve for customer satisfaction.