Recent advances in computational finance

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As it stands today, the spectrum of methods, tools, and applications that populate the area of computational finance is literally vast. Distinctively, it is this vast domain that differentiates today's financial decision makers from their counterparts of just a decade ago. Couched within this landscape are a set of increasingly complex resource utilization decisions; decisions that are, today, impacted by a surprising growth in technology that now spans a more globally diverse production and engineering environment. Collectively, firm financial managers, portfolio managers, and enterprise risk managers continue to exhort the computational finance community to formulate effective tools that more descriptively reconcile difficult problems in new product development, risk mitigation, and overall enterprise management. The computational finance community has responded to this call by offering refinements to classic computational methods while also introducing new ones. From continuous optimization to natural and evolutionary computing to time-series econometrics, this edition covers contemporary developments in computational finance. The book examines how interdisciplinary contributions from applied mathematics, statistics, and engineering can be adapted to a problem-solving approach in finance with an emphasis on vexing, but identifiable, real-world problems. © 2013 by Nova Science Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Recent Advances in Computational Finance